Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yummy Sunday | Davao Candies

Brother stayed in Cagayan de Oro for a week, and because it was his nth time there, he probably bought all sorts of food pasalubong for us. I guess he already knew I will blog about the pasalubong, he didn't buy the typical ones anymore, but he still found a way to bring home something. When he and his girlfriend went to Vjandep to pick up the pastel they ordered (brother went to the "for orders only" flavors), he saw some candies made in Davao and just thought of buying those instead.

He took home:

Durian Candies

Durian Candies. Even just by opening the pack, the dining area smelled like durian instantly. Durian is one of the many fruits I don't eat, but I do like to say something about these candies, so I decided to eat one. Well, it had a very strong durian flavor - kinda like eating fresh durian fruit! Well, none of us siblings wanted to eat it, so we just gave it to mom, which she happily accepted (she loves durian).

Mangosteen Candies

Mangosteen Candies. This one also tasted like real fruit mixed with milk, and I loved it!

Pomelo Candies

Pomelo Candies. I could still taste the fruity goodness of the pomelo, though it tasted more like pomelo juice added with lots of sugar. Well, it's not ├╝ber
sweet, but it somehow gave the taste that it was already diluted with more parts water, and I think you understand what I mean.

Ube Candies

Ube Candies. This tasted really, really good... it's like eating hardened ube ice cream. My sister can't get enough of this, and we do get her point - even brother and I did find it awesome.

None of us in the family visited Davao yet (we are hoping we could, of course), but somehow, eating this candies gave us a taste of Davao, which made us more eager to travel there and eat the real fruits, and take home more candies!

*** Jenn ***

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