Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quezo Real Ice Cream

Quezo Real Ice Cream

Despite the non-stop rains last weekend, it still is summer here in the Philippines, and one of the well known, always requested summer food is the ice cream. It has been said that each country seemed to have their own unique ice cream flavor, and one of the unique flavors here is the Quezo Real, which is Spanish for "Real Cheese." Many Filipinos consider this one of their favorite flavors, but I am not one of those because I find it a wee bit salty. Well, I am a big fan of salty foods (even a combination of sweet and salty), but for ice cream, I prefer it to be just sweet. One of my cousins love this flavor because she said it's perfect to be stuffed in bread buns... sweet, cold, and creamy sandwich, she said. :)

This ice cream is from Selecta (also known as Wall's worldwide), and aside from its cheesy flavor, it also had cheese bits. My mom bought a tub of it last January because she cannot eat chocolate ice cream (she eats chocolates, but choco ice cream would upset her tummy). This picture I just took for ABC Wednesday purposes (I knew letter Q would come sooner of later), but I actually didn't eat it. My sister said this is the best cheese ice cream she has ever tasted, because of the cheese bits.

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