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Weekend Eating | Starbucks Happy Hour

Hello, Foodies! How was your weekend?

Mine was bittersweet - mom and I were supposed to travel to Tagaytay, but we ended up not coming because the vehicle where we were supposed to ride was currently under repair. I also wasn't able to attend the (now) annual Hanson Day celebration last Saturday, and it's been raining non-stop since yesterday lunch time. Quite sad, but I was happy, too, because I spent the weekend with my family - sister and I attended a birthday party, and the whole family was able to celebrate Mother's Day.

Welcome to another round of Weekend Eating. Thank you so much to everyone who joined last week, and as always, I am thankful that you're here once again. If you're new to the meme, here are the obvious rules:
  • Post images of a food you ate during the past weekend (Friday included). Please use only images that are your own, or you have permission to use.
  • Do include the code of the badge (check the "Weekend Eating Meme" tab above to get the code) so your readers can easily come here in case they want to join, too.
  • Leave your link below once you're done making the post.
  • Visit other participants' blogs and leave a comment love, too.

My share this week:

Last week of April, I saw a few of my Facebook friends posting this image on their walls, and I was quick to grab it thinking I will blog about it even before the promo started, but I wasn't able to. Anyway, I was a bit half-hearted about it... I am not a big Starbucks drinker (last Starbucks beverage I had was one year ago - also on Mother's Day - when my friends Halie, Woody, and I went to their ABS-CBN branch to cool off the summer's heat), but I really wanted to take part of the promo because 50% off is a big discount! Sister and I planned of doing it last Monday (05/02) when we planned to visit the church in San Pedro, Laguna and hopefully the Antipolo Church... but we cancelled because sister was having an asthma attack. Series of plans that never took place, and the last chance we gave ourselves was last Saturday before going to the birthday party, but I did the laundry and I finished a little past lunch time, so we cancelled it again.

Starbucks Happy Hour 2011

Yesterday, the whole family went to the mall to celebrate Mother's Day, and after eating lunch at Pancake House, we were supposed to do the grocery shopping, but sister suggested we take part of the Starbucks Happy Hour because it was the last day, and she found out that the Happy Hour is happening worldwide - which really made us want to take part of it (it's like Oktoberfest of the frappuccino kind, haha). Mom suggested we do it after the grocery shopping, but sister thought the line might be long by then, so off we went to Starbucks.

(by the way, the image above was the last image I took - you might notice sister was already holding a cup)

Starbucks Happy Hour 2011

Starbucks Happy Hour 2011

When we entered the shop, there wasn't much people yet, but the store was already full. Since most tables here had only two chairs, mom and brother decided to secure us a table while sis and I ordered the drinks (each customer can avail of the frap discount for two drinks max). Pretty soon, the shop is welcoming more customers, and seeing the long line made me remember the funniest FB wall post I read about the Happy Hour - "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Ang haba ng Pila sa STARBUCKS kanina parang NFA Rice paano ba naman 50% OFF ang Frapp!!!! Woot woot! Eto lang 12pm to 2pm lang tapos maximum na 2 orders per head :-) Tiyagaan na lang sa pila!" - hahahaha!

Starbucks Happy Hour 2011

I was supposed to just get the tall cup (which we all know is the smallest cup), but seeing that there was only p20 difference between tall and venti (the biggest cup), I just went for the venti. Sister got the Choco Java Chip frap, mom went for Coffee Jelly frap (because the Espresso frap wasn't available), brother had the Mocha frap, while I had the Green Tea frap. I didn't have the luxury of time to photograph each of the drinks because sister and brother already started drinking their drinks, and I didn't want to hold their drinking time.

It was my first time to taste the Green Tea and Coffee Jelly frap, and they both tasted good - though I really felt a venti cup would be too much (I kinda wished I just stuck to my first choice of going for the tall one). Anyway, mom and I shared the table (sis and bro were on the next table), and what we did was we would sip for a few minutes then we would exchange cups (just to change the flavor of what we were drinking), and we would exchange again - something we did until we finished our drinks. We were hoping sis and bro would swap drinks with us, but they didn't, boo hoo. :) After nearly an hour, we finished our drinks and off we went to do the grocery shopping.

Starbucks Happy Hour 2011

This was the very first time the whole family went to Starbucks, and since we sat behind the magazine / sugar / tissue rack, sister just used the rack as our tripod and set the timer of the camera for us to have to family picture. I think this was brother's very first Starbucks drink... that is, if he didn't drink one while vacationing in Cagayan de Oro.

It was really nice to take part of something people "celebrated" all over the world, but what is much, much nicer was that the family was together. Also, I was one lucky customer because my receipt printed this "customer voice receipt", and the barista told me to check the website, answer the survey and write the code on the receipt, so I can get a tall drink for free - something I have to do within 14 days. Wow! I might claim my drink later this week...or maybe give it to my sister instead. So...what did you have this weekend?

This week's participants:

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