Saturday, May 28, 2011

Foodie 365 | Week 21

I follow "the Daily Wyatt" because of Texture Thursdays meme I do over my other blog, and just this morning, I saw the post about their Project 365 linky party, and since I am doing P365 this year, I decided to join the party. :) I am also now linking my P365 posts to Savory Sunday, since some of the foods I take pictures of tend to be on the savory side.

Here are the foods for Week 21.

141. Bouillabaisse

141. Bouillabaisse
21 May 2011

This day was a great day for me food-wise, because I got to attend the Yummy Eats event, and was able to eat French food courtesy of a cooking demo by French chef Marc Chalopin, followed an awesome lunch at Enderun Colleges' Restaurant 101. This was the food cooked by chef Marc, and it was so comforting!

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142. Cranberry Blondies

142. Cranberry Blondies
22 May 2011

Weekend, brother was in Batangas with his girlfriend. The sister of brother's girlfriend has a pastry business and when they (bro and his gf) left, they were given boxes of these goodies. This wasn't the first time I got to taste this, last Christmas we were also gifted with a box of Cranberry Blondies, and the family just love it a lot.

143. Starbucks VIA

143. Starbucks VIA
23 May 2011

Starbucks was one of the concessionaires at the Yummy Eats event, and aside from an itty bitty cup of frappuccino that guests can have for free, they also gave each guests a packet of Starbucks VIA, which is their instant coffee. It may be instant, but it sure smells and tastes like brewed coffee!

144. Apas

144. Apas
24 May 2011

One of the cookies/biscuits I got to take home from Quezon Province.

145. Beef Sinigang

145. Beef Sinigang
25 May 2011

There was a typhoon this week, so when the meat delivery delivered some beef short ribs, brother immediately knew he would cook it sinigang (in sour broth). This used to be my favorite food, and tasting it again surely gave me some nostalgic feeling.

146. Karinderya, Again

146. Karinderya Foods, part 2
26 May 2011

Typically, I tend to eat real heavy for breakfast and would skip or eat less for lunch. However, since we have cousin here in the house and we can't just let him starve, my siblings and I really needed to make an effort in cooking lunch. Sadly, planning the meals turned out to be quite difficult for us, so whenever Mr. Lazybug would hit us, we just resort to buying cooked dishes. Well, three dishes for p100 (usd2.30) is surely a much better and cheaper way of eating rather than buying ingredients and cooking it (saves gas, too).

147. Sago!

147. Tapioca in Sweet Cream
27 May 2011

Everyday before lunch, there is this local cooking reality TV show patterned after "Top Chef." We oftentimes watch it (because contestants didn't have formal training / experiences in the food business), and this day, a team cooked Tapioca with Mangoes. It made my siblings interested, so in the afternoon, they just bought tapioca pearls (locally known as "sago") and mixed it with all purpose cream and condensed milk. A very simple yet fulfilling dessert.

I realized, it's been too long since I last cooked new food. This week, I really would resolve to cook again. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

*** Jenn ***

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