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Red Ribbon Cakes

This was one food trip I forgot to post for reasons I also can't understand. Anyway, December of 2009, I was invited to be of Urim Gren's godparents. He is the son of my friend Ecko, whom I first met at the Singles for Christ organization. Another friend of ours, Ela, was one of the godparents, too, and while eating lunch at the reception, Ela asked if I could spend the afternoon with her because she didn't feel like going home yet, and this was one day she can have for herself, and wanted to use it by enjoying life.

Anyway, when she first resigned as a college professor in one of the colleges near our place, she told us the one thing she hoped to do was to eat as much cake as possible, but that didn't happen because she instantly got accepted to teach at the oldest university here in the Philippines (and in Asia, if I may say so). Recalling that "wish," she asked if I would be willing to do a cake fest with her because she knew I am a food blogger, and she also wanted to help me have something to write aside from enjoying the event.

She suggested different pastry shops, but since we went to SM Fairview to buy Christmas presents and have a Beatles' videoke date, we decided to just stay at the mall. There were only two major pastry shops that time - Red Ribbon and Goldilocks, and we went for Red Ribbon as they had more cakes on display that day.

Red Ribbon Cakes

Red Ribbon has really become one of the most popular pastry shops in the country, but it was really sad that not all cakes are available by the slice. Since this shop also offers meals with one slice of cake per meal, the only cakes we can avail were those part of the "Cakes for the Day" list - something people choose from when they order a meal.

Only six cakes were available that day, which we all asked a slice each. We had:

Mango Roll

Mango Roll. Very fluffy, but the mango can still be tasted, even if it only had a thin spread of mango icing in the middle.

Choco Peanut Roll

Choco Peanut Roll. I am not sure if that's the real name of the cake, but it's a combination of chocolate and peanut flavors, and eating this, we just couldn't help compare it with ChocNut, a very famous Philippine chocolate bar.

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche. If my translation is correct, it meant "Sweet Milk." Taking cue from its name.. yes, it was sweet, but it's the kind of sweetness anyone can appreciate. Anyway, this cake is layers of chiffon cake with sweetened milk and caramel icing. Not a favorite, but it was good.

Chocolate Marjolaine

Chocolate Marjolaine. Very interesting kind of cake as this one was made up of meringue wafers filled with praline cream and topped with cashew nuts and chocolate. It was blissfully good, and at that time it was one of my favorite cakes. Too bad Red Ribbon doesn't have this anymore.


S'mores Chocolate Cake. Red Ribbon described it as: moist chocolate cake with layers of heavenly marshmallow and grahams, topped with caramel and chocolate squares. Back then I have heard of mixed reviews about this cake - some loved it, some didn't, and giving it my first taste, I could say I was 50-50, too.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse. My favorite Red Ribbon cake next to their Rocky Road cake. Well, I do love my cakes creamy, and this one was something I could have everyday if given the chance.

I guess any kind of cake has its ability to comfort someone, and if you will ask me to choose between cakes and ice cream, I would always go with cakes. It may not be as cold and as sweet as ice cream, but each time I glide my fork into it and putting it in my mouth, it was just like tasting heaven.

Anyway, as you can see... the pictures weren't captured well - I am not sure if it's bad lighting or that I was a bit turned off when some of the cakes weren't served in an upright position... but, borrowing a line from the movie "Julie and Julia," Julia Child said... "Perfection! .... even if it isn't, don't apologize. No excuses, no explanations."

*** Jenn ***


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