Sunday, May 22, 2011

Foodie 365 | Week 20

As promised... here are the foods for Week 20.

Fern Salad

134. Ensaladang Pako
Palaisdaan Restaurant - Tayabas, Quezon
14 May 2011

We got to Tayabas late lunch time, and when we went to Palaisdaan Restaurant to eat lunch, the place was just jam-packed! Good thing we found a hut to stay at... and although foods arrived 20 minutes after we placed the order, we really had a great time eating. Even before traveling there I already searched for the restaurant and found they serve Fern Salad, so I told Ria and sister that it just had to be part of our meal. Good thing they allowed me to order it. It was delicious... and yes, it comes with a bowl of canned sardines. :)


135. Pizza, Pizza!
Ground Zero - Lucban, Quezon
15 May 2011

We were so tired and hungry after checking the houses around Lucban, so for lunch, Ria took us to Ground Zero because she told us pizza here taste delish. Instead of ordering one big pizza, I suggested we get two smaller pizzas so we can eat two flavors. :) Awesome lunch!

136. Karinderya Foods

136. Karinderya Foods
16 May 2011

We left Quezon at 4am, and by 7am we were already home. We were so tired from the weekend that sis and I had no urge to prepare foods, so brother decided to just buy ready made foods from the Karinderya. He bought dinakdakan, dinuguan, and beef with potatoes and carrots. The dinuguan I didn't like because it was all intestines, but the dinakdakan I liked even if it's not like how we prepare it.

137. Chicharon

137. Ka Popoy's Chicharon
17 May 2011

My neck and back hurts because of long walks and long travels, so I didn't come to SM MOA to witness the oath taking of my cousin. Brother is with his girlfriend, so that made me home alone, and even if I eat a lot, I actually have less appetite whenever I eat alone, so I just watched TV while munching on these chicharon, which was one of the things I bought from Quezon.

138. Corned Beef

138. Corned Beef with Potatoes
18 May 2011

Still didn't have the urge to cook "good" foods, I went to just open a can of Palm Corned Beef (family's new favorite brand) for lunch. Simple, lazy food... but delicious nonetheless.

139. Uraro Cookies

139. Uraro Cookies
19 May 2011

Another one of the Quezon food items I bought for pasalubong.

140. Corny Spaghetti

140. Corny Ham Spaghetti
20 May 2011

Brother is with his girlfriend again, mom went out to a movie date with colleagues.. and I was lazy to cook... again. However, I had to feed my sister and my cousin, so I just cooked the Corny Ham Spaghetti (without the toasted garlic bits), because we had some boiled corn. My sister loved it, and my cousin didn't complain, so I guess I cooked this one good. :) If you want to cook this dish, you can check the recipe HERE.

Mostly ready-made foods for this week for me, I do hope next week will be a week for me to cook new dishes.

*** Jenn ***

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