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Foodie 365 | Week 19

Blogger was down Friday (13 May), and I was out all weekend, so it's just now that I am updating my Foodie 365 posts. Doing two weeks in one post would be long, so here's Week 19, the next week will be posted on a different article.


127. Jollibee Chickenjoy
07 May 2011

Sister and I attended Yves' 1st birthday at a Jollibee branch in Fairview. They served spaghetti, fries, sundae.. and chickenjoy.

128. Mediterranean Pasta Salad

128. Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Pancake House - SM City Fairview
08 May 2011

Celebrating Mother's Day, we went to eat lunch at Pancake House, and my choice of food was their Mediterranean Pasta Salad, which I liked very much.

129. Pringles

129. Pringles Cheddar Cheese
09 May 2011

A few months ago, mom went out with friends and did some international goods shopping, and she bought us a junk food each. My sister chose the Pringles (I went for the Lay's), and it was just now that she opened it. I only had a taste of this, as I am not much into cheese-laden chips.

130. Ginisang Sayote

130. Ginisang Sayote
10 May 2011

The night before, us siblings watched"Ratatouille". Brother took inspiration from the deconstructed ratatouille dish served in the movie, that he brought out the mandolin to slice the sayote. Personally, I still preferred the typical way of cutting the sayote.

131. Mang Inasal

131. Chicken Inasal
Mang Inasal - Plaza Miranda, Manila
11 May 2011

Sister and I planned to do a Visita Iglesia last Holy Week, but we weren't able to. Today, we just found the perfect time to do it. We went to visit 10 churches, and on our third stop (Quiapo Church), we decided to eat at Mang Inasal (because sister was craving for chicken inasal). It wasn't as great as it used to be, but the view was great.

132. Birthday Cake

132. Chocolate Mousse Cake
Max's Corner Bakery
12 May 2011

A day before my birthday, my mom took home a box of Chocolate Mousse Cake. A very sweet gesture that really touched my heart. Took initial pictures and gave it a taste, but didn't let anyone touch it just yet. Hahaha, selfish much?

Lunch at Fong Ying Resto

133. Birthday Foods
Fong Ying Restaurant - Pacita Complex - San Pedro, Laguna
13 May 2011

Celebrating my 31st birthday, I went with my sister to San Pedro, Laguna to hear mass at the Sto. Sepulchro Parish in Brgy. Landayan. Sister told me that Lolo Uweng (to whom the church is devoted to) is very miraculous, and although it is open everyday, it's feast day is every Fridays and there is a mass celebrated every hour.

For lunch, sister and I went to Pacita to eat at Fong Ying Restaurant. Our friends - sisters Laarni and Joanna suggested we check this one out because they said food is cheap, but they do serve good food. They were certainly right! I loved their Fong Ying Chicken and their Pancit Canton.

Next Week will be posted in a while. :)

*** Jenn ***

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