Saturday, May 7, 2011

Foodie 365 | Week 18

Week 18 is another mellow week for me - no food trips, no recipes tried... the family just cooked usual dishes we felt cooking. The main thing this week, though, is that we got to eat some regional foods. Here are the foods for Week 18:

120. Dinengdeng

120. Alukon Dinengdeng
30 April 2011

Mom just asked me to cook vegetables for dinner, and when I went to the market, I saw one stall selling alukon (the ones that look like worms), because I knew mom loves it (and I do, too). Dinengdeng is a how Ilocanos (people from Ilocos Region) cook their vegetables - no definite veggies to use, it was more of a mix and match thing, and to complete the dish, I added sweet potatoes, malunggay (moringa) leaves, lima beans, and jute leaves. Of course, no dinengdeng is complete without the fried fish, good thing we had some left over fried fish from lunch. Yummy dinner!

121. Goto

121. Goto
01 May 2011

Sister and I went to the Sidcor Weekend Market, but no major food trip for us - this day I just wanted to sustain my body with some food because I haven't eaten breakfast yet.

122. Slers Chicharon

122. Slers Chicharon
02 May 2011

Brother came home from Cagayan de Oro, and he gave us this big bag of chicharon - something his girlfriend bought for us. When I first posted something about the Slers Chicharon last year, I talked about the oh-so-big chicharon, but I wasn't able to show how really big it was, so this time, I took a quick picture before we started eating it. The plate was really there for a purpose, I really wanted to show how huge it was. :)

123. Vjandep Pastel (choco)

123. Vjandep Pastel (chocolate)
03 May 2011

Whenever brother comes home from Cagayan de Oro, he always brings home a box or two of Vjandep Pastel (soft buns with filling - a product of Camiguin Province), and this was no different. Last time, I requested for chocolate, but there was a misunderstanding and they weren't able to do it, so this time brother made sure he would take home a box. This was very expensive (p105 / half dozen), but really delicious! It quickly became my favorite flavor.

124. Pilipit

124. Pilipit
04 May 2011

This one was made from Bulacan Province, but my siblings just bought this from the nearby market, because sister already missed eating it. It didn't have lots of sugar, but it was still good. Well, for p10 per pack, it was okay enough.

125. Kalamay from Bohol

125. Kalamay with Peanuts
05 May 2011

Neighbors Charo and Cindy just came home from their Cebu-Bohol trip, and as pasalubong, they gave us this Kalamay. It was okay, I guess... unfortunately it was a bit stale already.

126. Banana

126. Banana
06 May 2011

My dessert after dinner. Potassium!

- * - * -

It's going to be my birthday week next week... hope I could could cook dishes, I barely touched my culinary magazines this week!

*** Jenn ***

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