Thursday, May 19, 2011

We Screamed for Fro-Yo!

Green Mango Ice Cream Bar
Lower Ground Floor - New Annex Building
SM City Fairview
Quirino Highway cor. Belfast Avenue, Quezon City
11 September 2010

Green Mango SM Fairview

After eating lunch at MXT - Maxim's Tea House, my mom and I went to do grocery shopping, and since it was mid afternoon when we finished, mom suggested we go grab some snacks before we go home. She thought about eating at Crepes and Cream again, but I told her I wasn't that hungry yet, so walking along the new annex building of the mall and we saw Green Mango Ice Cream Bar, I suggested we go check it out instead.

I am not a big fro-yo (frozen yogurt) eater, but what got me really interested with this ice cream bar is that they offer different flavors - like the chocolate, strawberry, and sweet & creamy. Prizes differ from the size of the cups of course, but at that time, the smallest cup would be around p38, and it would go up p20 as the sizes get bigger (there are only three, by the way). Of course, one of the main reason why fro-yo is so popular is because of its toppings, and Green Mango also has a wide array of toppings to choose from:



There are fruits, nuts, and candies! Customers can opt for just the frozen yogurt or go with the one with three toppings (your choice), which is p20 more expensive. Additional topping cost about p12 per topping, and with that, mom and I decided to go with the medium sized cups with three toppings:

Strawberry Yogurt with 3 Toppings

Mom's Choice. At first, mom wanted the sweet and creamy yogurt, but in the end she decided to go fruity and went for strawberry fro-yo with mangoes, peaches, and blueberries. My mom seemed to be so excited about her fro-yo that she already started eating it even before the cashier handed her the change (she went to order first because she's a Senior Citizen). This picture I took quickly when I told her I still haven't taken a picture of it. Well, mom's reason for eating it quick, "It might melt." Hahaha.

Original Yogurt with 3 Toppings

My Choice. I went for the original flavor (which unfortunately was p10 more expensive), and I chose choco chips, walnuts, and fruit loops as my toppings - to make it really colorful. Well, it was a bit sour for my taste, but I do eat the normal yogurt and this was a bit more sour to that, but the chocolate chips and the walnuts helped in balancing the flavors.

I asked mom her opinion about her fro-yo and she said the medium size cup was just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, and just enough to comfort someone. As for the taste, she went with her usual comment, "Hmmm... okay." :) Well, mom didn't seem to mind that it was a bit sour than regular ice cream, or yogurt for that matter, so I guess all was really okay.

For people who just wanted something cold, Green Mango also offers fro-yo in cones, which is about p50 for three cones. No toppings, of course.

Green Mango Ice Cream Bar is located near the new annex building entrance, and is right next to Crepes and Cream.

*** Jenn ***

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