Saturday, May 28, 2011

Carol's Texan 5 Chicken and Ribs

I am a foodie and I love to eat. That is not really a secret, but coming from a not-so-well-off family, there are certain things I go for when dining out, two big factors being affordability and quality of food.

When I logged on to Facebook just a few minutes ago, I got surprised seeing this:

This is the menu of Carol's Texan 5, and just by looking at it, I was instantly drawn to the Ultimate Texan Ribs. I love pork and I am a certified "meatatarian," and that is just something I want to devour! They say Carol's Texan 5 offers the best chicken and ribs this side of Manila. Well, if it's really the best, then I sure I want to taste it so I can attest if they really are the best. :)

Located in Little Baguio (San Juan), they have the following services:
  • Dine-in - probably the best way of enjoying the food as foodies will also get to experience the "feel" of the place.
  • Delivery (Available only in San Juan, Mandaluyong, Ortigas, and Pioneer) - makes me wish I live in any of those areas, hehehe.
  • Event Food Booths - makes me remember food fairs in schools!
  • Party Trays - your share for potluck parties solved!
  • Functions - celebrate life moments by eating good food!
  • Kiddie Meal Sets - kids love good food, too, of course!
Ten Minute Tops and Club Travel Now are organizing a Bloggers Buffet at Carol's Texan 5, and I for one would want to be a part of it because I believe Carol's Texan 5 have the two major factors I look for when dining out (affordability and quality of food). Not only that, I also want to meet Ms. Carol, the person behind all those great looking dishes, learn from her passion and success, and of course, I also want to share good food with fellow bloggers, as it is a chance to mingle with other foodies.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about Carol's Texan 5, you can check their Website, and/or their Facebook Page. While you're there, you are most certainly welcome to click the "like" button, so more and more can get to learn about them.

If you're from San Juan or nearby location, or if you want to personally visit them:

Carol’s Texan 5
2F 713 J. Abad Santos St.
Little Baguio, San Juan
(02) 727-3843 / 0922-4850154

*** Jenn ***

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