Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Starbucks ELJ Building

Starbucks Coffee
ELJ Building - ABS-CBN Compound
Mother Ignacia, Quezon City
+63 (02)410-5156

For my "S" entry this week, I am going to share another "food trip" I wasn't able to share back then.

Starbucks - ELJ

May 2010, I met up with my friends Nathalie and Woody, and after taking pictures of the Pinoy Big Brother House, I suggested we take shelter at Starbucks Coffee in ELJ Building because it was way too hot and sunny that day.

This particular Starbucks branch was a little special for me because this was the very first branch I visited. At that time, I was doing my internship at ABS-CBN, and although it was never part of my job to do errands (like getting celebrities some snacks), sometimes, taping day would be so hectic that us interns would be glad to help doing those errands, and getting coffee and and some pastries at this Starbucks store was one of those extra things that I did.

During editing nights, the show's producer would ask us to grab some snacks for all of us to eat, and my very first taste of Starbucks was the Coffee Valencia and their Croissant. At that time, Starbucks is still considered posh that only rich people can avail of, and for a student trying to budget her daily allowance, it was a taste of heaven. :)

Starbucks - ELJ

Anyway, years have passed, and seeing the transformation gave me a nostalgic feeling. The store still had their al fresco side...

Starbucks - ELJ

...but like I said, it was a hot and sunny day, so we opted to sit inside and enjoy the "breeze" of the air conditioning system.


There weren't much people there, so we just chilled out - talked and laughed, and yes took pictures. I was the one who suggested we come in here, but feeling relaxed about the temperature inside, somehow I didn't feel like ordering their drinks anymore.


But of course, it would be very disrespectful if we didn't order anything, so Nathalie and I had their cold drinks - she went for the Iced Coffee, while I had the Mango Passion Fruit juice. My drink had a very strong flavor, but it was really refreshing.

Well, the verdure might not be that lush - as there were only a few plants and trees outside, but we did get to sit in the shade, enjoy the company of each other, and enjoy the drinks as well.

*** Jenn ***


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