Monday, May 23, 2011

BC Bloggers | Facebook-ing

Week 2 of the BC Bloggers meme... and this week, the question is:

How much time do you spend in Facebook?


Me? Not so much as I used to do. Before, I played probably every Facebook game, but ever since I got tired playing CityVille (great game, but it slowed down when I reached level 60), I stopped playing Facebook games of any kind. I do check my Facebook page once in a while, but if I am not talking to friends or relatives living abroad, I use my time watching videos (specifically movies and documentaries) on YouTube.

Facebook is a very powerful tool. As a person working at home, sometimes it becomes my way of socializing with other people (and yes, with bloggers, too). While my page is 90% closed to everybody as my page is only open to my contacts, I am not really that strict in accepting friend invites, though one rule I gave myself was to check if we have mutual friends or I have talked to the person one way or another before I add him/her up. Just recently, I joined three groups in Facebook - all devoted to blogging - and I have learned so much from different bloggers in the short time that I became a part of the groups. Interacting with them is one of the big reasons why I check my page every now and then, and I guess I could say I have grown as a blogger (knowing different styles, some basic guidelines in blogging) just because of them, and Facebook is the one thing that ties all of us. Another good benefit I got from Facebook was the Networked Blogs - I only had this blog tied to that, and even if I have only 18 followers, and even if some were already my friends, I am very happy that there are actually a few people - who aren't my friends - who have followed my blog through Networked Blogs. We may not be contacts, but they sure can receive feeds from my blog through their home page, and most likely, they could get to hop here when a post is up.

Of course, if I am exchanging messages with friends in Facebook (I don't have the chat open, though) through wall posts / private messaging, I do spend as much time in Facebook as needed, but I am good at multi-tasking, so while conversing, I am also blogging or writing assignments, or yes.. watch videos. :)

This week's BC Bloggers meme prompt is brought to you by:

*** Jenn ***


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