Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yummy Eats at the NBC Tent

When I received an e-mail from Yummy Magazine inviting me to this event a few weeks ago, I felt a little sad because... for some reason I thought this event would take place on May 28, and on that day, I will be traveling with my sister and some bloggers to Mt. Pinatubo, and it would mean I would miss the event. Now, I feel guilty "forcing" myself not to check the Yummy Magazine website and Facebook page because I knew I will just feel bad knowing that I won't be able to attend.

Last night, though, my sister told me there will be a Yummy Magazine event on the 21st, and I was like... "they have another event?" turned out....


The Yummy Eats event is scheduled NOT on the 28th, but on the 21st, and since my sister and I will be attending another food event near the area, we can certainly attend this one, too.

The poster pretty much said it all, but several things you also should know:
  1. There will be over 30 concessionaires sampling their products.
  2. Ticket holders can get free scoops of FIC's newest flavor. (FIC means "Fruits in Ice Cream," by the way)
  3. Back issues of Yummy Magazines will be up for sale.
  4. Yummy merchandise are also be up for sale.
  5. Raffles

Sounds so good, eh? Well, my sister and I will be there after lunch, so if you're attending, I do hope we can bump into each other. :) I am really, really excited to attend this event because it's been nearly three years since...


...I first attended a Yummy Magazine event, which took place at the Salcedo Weekend Market in Makati City. This one was a bit of a hush-hush event - no cooking demos, no product sampling... but I still was able to enjoy it. Well, if I enjoyed that, I am sure I will enjoy the Yummy Eats event more.

See you there!

*** Jenn ***

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