Monday, May 30, 2011

BC Bloggers | Childhood Food

Week 3 of BC Bloggers now. This week's question:

"What food takes you back to your childhood?"

There are so many foods that instantly takes me back to childhood, among those include: Texas Bubblegum, Vicks Candy, Storck candies in Pineapple and Orange flavors, Jolly Sandwich Cookies, Coco Jam, Magnolia Chocolait and Milk in bottles, junk foods of all sorts... but my favorite would have to be this:

14/365 c2 - Jellyum

The jelly in cups! The time I started schooling, my brother was staying in La Union because parents can't take care of us both (we were born 1 year and 4 months apart and the family was just starting, parents can't afford to hire a nanny, let alone lose their jobs). Since no one watches over me, they decided to enroll me at a school near their workplace so mom can pick me up at school and let me stay in the office. Their manager has her own office, so I can stay in my mom's desk, but most of the times she would hid me in the records room just in case the manager comes in or someone might complain.

My dad works in the same branch, but I couldn't stay in his office because he was in the Salary Loans department and he was always busy and stressed. Once in a while, he would come pick me up in mom's department and treat me to snacks (always my favorite part of the day) - goto, barbecue... and always, before he sends me back to mom, we would go to the nearby supermarket and he would buy me these jelly snacks in cups so I won't get bored staying inside the records room. Sometimes, he would buy me those in bigger cups (with spoon), and even if my dad specifically said I'd eat it when I am alone in the records room, I'd always save it and take it home because it's much nicer sharing the jelly cups with playmates.

BC Bloggers last week:

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