Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Round Up / June Plans

May passed by so fast... I still haven't fully savored the flavors of summer, and now it's Rainy Season already! Tsk tsk tsk. Anyway, May has been a sweet month for me, and I hope yours is sweet, too.


May brought changes here on my blog... I changed my blog's wall paper using the October Afternoon "Front Porch Fly a Kite" paper because it's no longer summer. I don't know how long the wallpaper will be up, I might change it to something different next month, but for now, I will stick to this one.

Also, instead of using the Blogger page tabs, I decided to pattern the tabs from the ones I used on my travel blog, "Where My Feet Took Me". For the tabs on this blog, I used the copy of a strawberry label sticker by Jillibean Soup, and just added the words using the Pea Lauren font. Aside from the tabs, I also decided to create little icons and chose to use the KI Memories puff cupcakes and just added the logo of Facebook, Twitter, an Envelope and RSS. Quite a tedious thing to do, but I surely had fun doing it.

As for food trips, I didn't do much this month, but I am thankful I got to eat out of town - specifically in San Pedro, Laguna as well as Tayabas and Lucban in Quezon Province. Cooking, zero new recipes tried this month. Awww. :)

Tomato and Bell Pepper

My garden is showing progress... however, I am now left with two tomatoes and two bell peppers. Yesterday, I saw one of my tomato plants cut off... I didn't know who did it, but I did feel so bad about it. Good thing I still have about 9 little tomato plants in little pots, as well as 5 bell peppers growing. All is still not fully wasted.

Kaffir Lime

As for my Kaffir Lime, I re-planted it again, because I noticed that it's drowning in rain water. I learned that this plant didn't like too much water, so I unearth it and placed it on a much higher part of the garden. I was afraid maybe the change might not do good on the plant, so I was really thankful seeing new leaves - which means it is growing. :)

June plans... well, I don't know where the family or friends will go out and eat this month, so that part I will just leave up to fate, although I will be attending a bloggers' event on 25 June, and hope to attend another one on 23 June (hope they will consider me). One big plan I have for this month is the cooking. I really have to find my place in the kitchen, and for this month, I plan to cook recipes from the May 2011 issue of Yummy Magazine. Recipes I hope to cook include:
  • Chicken and Soda Casserole
  • Cajun Chicken with Mexican Bean Salsa
  • Chicken and Ham Rolls
  • Paksiw na Pata a la Margarita Uy de Baron

I also plan to cook "Pork and Beans," but it is going to be our lunch today (will cook right after publishing this), so I am not including it anymore. The recipe for this dish will be shared on Friday.

I am very happy with the way things are going on this blog. I am patting myself for the passion I have and of course, I am thankful to the people around me that provides inspiration and fuel to grow. Cheers!

*** Jenn ***

ps - Oh, joined the Bloggers Exchange for the months of June and July... I already added a page tab for it. :)

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