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TGI Friday's Opens in Greenbelt With a New Look

All of us are always looking forward to Friday - the day when we can kiss the hectic work week goodbye and anticipate the upcoming weekend. Some people spend their Friday nights with family, some with their significant others, while other spend it with co-workers or friends over some drinks and finger food. Of course, this kind of celebration doesn't happen only during Fridays, and I think you'd agree with me that even during the middle of the week, or even during Monday nights, we would like to spend it with people who matter to us. No matter what day it is, TGI Friday's will always ensure that every day is a Friday.

TGI Friday's - Greenbelt 3, Makati City

Early this week, I got to spend dinner with friends at the newly opened TGI Friday's at the third level of Greenbelt 3 in Makati City.

TGI Friday's - Greenbelt 3, Makati City TGI Friday's - Greenbelt 3, Makati City
TGI Friday's - Greenbelt 3, Makati City TGI Friday's - Greenbelt 3, Makati City

Aside from the new logo, this branch certainly looked different compared to the other TGI Friday's I have visited in the past - a bit mellowed with the decorations, but still looked very elegant, definitely something that would appeal to the hip and young as well as the conservative people. Personally, I really loved their wall decor made of baseball bats as well as the images on the wall that gave the diners a look on the restaurant's rich 48 years.
Of course, the restaurant's aesthetics is just part of the dining experience... the food will still be the one that would take the biggest share if the food trip was worth it or not. For this food trip, us friends shared these awesome food:

Three For All

Three for All
For appetizers, we had this big platter containing TGI Friday's bestselling appetizers - Loaded Potato Skins, Spicy Buffalo Wings, and Fried Mozzarella. The wings weren't that spicy for me, but I loved eating it together with the potatoes and mozzarella. As is, I think this plate of appetizers can pass as a full meal - carbs from the potatoes and protein from the chicken and cheese, fiber from the celery.

Jack Daniel's Burger

Jack Daniel's Burger
Such a good thing that four of us shared this one big burger because it looked overwhelming and I seriously couldn't eat it all by myself. I am pleased to see how thick the patty and how loaded this burger was, and with the signature Jack Daniel's sauce, it made this burger scrumptiously good!


Shareable Platter
TGI Friday's offer different shareable platters, and feeling a little full from the first two offerings, I wasn't able to remember the exact names of the dishes, but the one from the back is the grilled pork belly, the one in the middle is the fish & chips, and obviously, the one at front is chicken. All tasted good, but I was blown away by the Fish and Chips - first time for me to eat this dish with a kick of spice and it was oh-so-good!

Ribs Platter

Ribs Platter
Served with Onion Rings and Coleslaw, this platter contained half rack of three different flavors of baby back ribs - Lemongrass, Barbecue, and Jack Daniel's. By this point I was already full, so I only gave it a taste. Of the three I loved the lemongrass one because the Jack Daniel's and Barbecue both had the slight sweet flavor.

Filipino Platter

Filipino Platter
And yes,one more platter for us. This one had the same grilled pork belly served in the other platter, but the chicken was different, and the dish at the front is their Pork Adobo, which made me go wow because this was the most unique pork adobo I have seen and tasted. Three sauces were served along this platter and it also had a small serving of salad, which paired well with the proteins.

Mocha Mud Pie

Mocha Mud Pie
Sinfully delicious! This is my kind of ice cream cake!

Brownie Obssession

Brownie Obsession
What made this the best Brownie a la Mode was that the brownies were soft and fluffy (with a light crisp on the outside). The brownish also had the bittersweet taste, perfect with the ice cream. My tummy cannot tolerate that much dairy products, so between the two desserts, this was my favorite.

We had an assortment of drinks for this food trip, and even if I didn't have any picture for it, but I had the Strawberry Surprise and I also had a cup of hot tea after the heavy meal to help calm the tummy.

Oh dear, thank God for Friday's on a Tuesday night! :)

TGI Friday's in the third level of Greenbelt 3, near Siklab Filipino Favorites. For more information, check and like their Facebook Page - or follow them on Twitter -

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