Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Eating | Turning 31

I was supposed to write this post last Friday and schedule to publish it midnight today, but Blogger had their maintenance routine last Friday, and since I didn't bring my net book with me when traveled to Quezon Province to take part of the Pahiyas Festival, it was just now that I am writing this (I got home some two hours ago).

Max's Corner Bakery Choco Mousse

Last Friday (13 May) was the day I turned 31. Mom had her own weekend out of town trip, so she talked to me about us celebrating it a day before, but I told her we don't need to go out and celebrate it, after all, receiving the greetings was already enough for me (I am the only one in the family who doesn't really celebrate birthday in a "big" way). I told her she should just focus on the things she needed to do for her own trip, and that me traveling to Quezon was something I am eyeing for, so no need for a celebration.

However, last Thursday, brother met up with mom at the mall because they needed to buy something for the circuit breaker (long story, but the jist of it was... some wall electrical outlets have no power and the switch on the circuit breaker was dysfunctional already). When they got home, mom gave me the box of cake. I asked her why, and she just said, "Well, it's your birthday!" Well, not yet... but me specifically telling her not to bother about anything made me feel so emotional about the cake. I just gave her a tight hug and thanked her for the gesture. Of course, no eating first... I let this one wait 'til the next day.

Birthday Cake

My birthday cake this year is the Chocolate Mousse Cake by Max's Corner Bakery. No specific reason why mom chose this, but I was happy because I still haven't tasted this cake. I liked it, though this would be the first time I'd complain about a cake "not too sweet." Well, anybody can enjoy the cake, and it is a positive remark when I say it's not too sweet, but then, I guess I am so used to eating a chocolate mousse cake on the sweeter side so it became a negative remark when I say it is not too sweet. I just wished they added a little sugar in it.

Turning 31

My cat Paborito was here on my birthday, but he was so aloof and he didn't want us to come near him, so this year I am posing with Oreo. Well, he always likes being inside the house, and he was checking what we were doing, so I just carried him and posed for a picture with him.

This year, my birthday started at 3AM because mom had to be ready by 4AM. She traveled to Pangasinan with her church org friends, so us siblings woke up real early to help her prepare. It was sad to spend my birthday with my mom far from me, but that first hour of my day with her was certainly more than enough.

So... what did you have this weekend?

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ps - big thanks to everyone who greeted me using different media - Facebook, E-Mail, phone calls, text messages, cards.

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