Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Little Garden | April / May

When I started on the vegetable garden, I told myself I will give an update every first week of the month, but I wasn't able to do it last week, so I will just make an update now.

Kaffir Lime

Like I told before, I got to see some Kaffir Lime seedlings at the Sidcor Weekend Market, and when sister and I last went there, I bought a seedling (p350) and planted it outside - in the front yard. It's still looking good, though it rained a lot last weekend and I got a bit worried because sister said Kaffir Lime doesn't like too much water. I am thankful sun shone today. I guess I won't water it for two - three days.

I still haven't used its leaves as we still haven't cooked Thai curry, but in the near future we will.

Tomato Seedlings

Last Friday, I took a picture of a tomato sprout and come Monday, almost all of the seeds have sprouted. I think the little microwaveable plastic ware is becoming too small for all the seedlings, so this morning I transferred each of the seedlings in their own little plastic grow pots, which I bought last Sunday.

Tomato Seedlings

I planted 12 seeds, but only 10 sprouted, and I just placed them near the window of the terrace. I found it so cute that they started like this - going in different directions, yet later this afternoon, all of them were facing the window. I guess they really do follow where the sun is.

Brother said I bought way too small pots for the tomatoes, but I guess this one is okay... at least they have their own place. Soon, when they are really big, I will just transfer them in much bigger pots.


Still with the tomatoes... I started cultivating the seeds last week of March, and since I just scattered the seeds in a pot along with some bell pepper seeds, and when they all sprouted, I got a little confused which is which. I planted 5 seedlings in the garden, and surprise, surprise... 4 of them are tomatoes (I thought all of them are bell peppers). This is now a bit bigger, and I am thankful the rains last weekend didn't ruin these seedlings.

I am really happy to see them growing... but on the other side of the spectrum - the mint and basil sister replanted were sort of in the ICU right now. The mint I think will die very soon, and so will one of the basil plants. We have three basil plants and although the leaves of both plants are turning a bit yellowish, fact that it's still not dead means it still has hope.

The ampalaya seeds have sprouted, too... but right now am having a difficult time trying to find things it can cling to. I replanted four seedlings near the Kamias tree, and I think they will be alright. The ones I am worrying about were the ones I planted in pots. I guess I planted way too much ampalaya, hahaha.

*** Jenn ***

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