Friday, October 5, 2012

Burgoo SM Mall of Asia

2/F Main Mall, SM Mall of Asia
SM Central Business Park, Bay City Manila Bay
Reclamation Area, Pasay
+63 (02)556-0091 to 92

(continuation of my food trips with K)

The driver we hired came at exactly 9:30am, and when he asked us where he would take us, I remembered we weren't able to go to the Sarao Jeepney Factory in Las Pinas, so it became our main destination. From there we went to check the Bamboo Organ, then traveled to Baclaran Church for some prayers.

Lunch, I just asked the driver to take us to the SM Mall of Asia. Once we got there, the driver told us he would meet us at the same spot where he dropped us off, and because I am not familiar to the ins and outs of the mall, I told K we should just eat somewhere near the drop off point. He agreed with me.

Burgoo - SM Mall of Asia

Burgoo was the first food place I spotted; it wasn't crowded at that time, and because I haven't tasted their food yet, I suggested this place.

Burgoo - SM Mall of Asia

The place was big. This image was the left side of the dining area where we sat - near the entrance. The area I wasn't able to photograph was bigger than this one. When we got there were were a few diners, but as we had our lunch, the place started to get crowded.

The wait staff was friendly and courteous, and we loved the itty bitty barrel with crayons we could use to draw or write on the big paper table cover while waiting for our order. I suddenly became a kid again when I started drawing a house with a tree on the side and a flower bed at the front of the house. Hahaha. K went on to scribble something before taking a picture of it.

Grilled Salmon with Cream Spinach

Spinach Grilled Salmon. Norwegian salmon, grilled to order and served with spinach cream sauce, mashed potato and caper salsa. K's meal. Me eating salmon for breakfast made him want to eat salmon, too. He loved the taste of this dish - he said the salmon was grilled just right, but he wasn't able to eat all of his food because salmon has this distinct flavor that gets overpowering as you eat more and more of it, something I understood, because I do love to eat salmon, but I just eat a little each time because of that same distinct taste.

Chicken Diane

Chicken Diane. Tender and juicy grilled chicken fillet served with garlic spaghetti on a pool of creamy Diane sauce. My meal. It looks simple - grilled chicken with sauce + pasta, but it had a lot of flavors! I was completely surprised at how everything went well together. The onions and tomatoes at the top also added great flavors to the dish.

My Lunch

Sharing a picture of my meal, simply because the picture of Chicken Diane I shared above was so up close... here I just want to share how much food was on my plate - it was good enough to share, but of course I ate it all. It was that good!

Oreo Milkshake

Oreo Milkshake. Instead of having dessert, I just went for this - because the wait staff said having this milkshake would make me feel I had a drink and a dessert in one glass, and she was correct. The milkshake was thick and rich, had the right sweetness - it was like slurping melted cookies and cream ice cream.

We met with the driver an hour and a half after he dropped us off; we still have the entire afternoon to roam around, and we decided to go to the PAF Museum before heading back to the hotel.

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