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Top 10 Finds at Yummy Eats Event

Yesterday, I talked about the Yummy Eats event, and with 31 concessionaires around the NBC Tent, sampling foods from each booth was really difficult for my sister and I because we came in with full tummies from a lunch served at a different event. Still, we sampled as much as we could, and here are my personal top 10 finds:

Farm N Deli

10. Farm N Deli Enterprises
Contact Person: Cynthia Torres / cntorres3466@yahoo.com / 09175548180

I got to taste their Vigan, Batotay, and Cabanatuan sausages and they really have captured the distinct flavor of each sausage.

Big Daddy's Chicken

Big Daddy's Chicken

09. Big Daddy's Chicken
Contact Person: Kim Ting / 09228924878 / kimberly.ting@yahoo.com

That one small chunk of meat I got to sample was just so full of flavors that I quickly asked for their brochure so I could visit them again. One biggest factor I loved aside from it's awesome taste? The breading was intact to the meat.

Merry Moo

Merry Moo

08. Merry Moo
Contact Person: Kelvin Ngo / 09175289590 / merrymoo@ymail.com

My sister was the first one to sample their artisan ice cream. She chose the sea salt + caramel, and yes at first taste it was salty. However, as I let the ice cream melt in my tongue the blend of the sea salt and the caramel was just so interesting! When it was my turn to visit their booth, I went for the Earl Gray Tea, and it was just refreshingly good. In the end, I would still go with their sea salt + caramel flavor, but for me a spoonful of it was enough to enjoy the food. What I loved more about their ice cream is that it is rich, very creamy and very smooth.

Goodies and Sweets

Goodies and Sweets

07. Goodies N' Sweets
Contact Person: Aileen Anastacio / 091752337532 /aileenanastacio@pldtdsl.net

Owned by chef Aileen Anastacio, I was able to sample their Decadent Chocolate Cake, and it was just divine! The cake was good, the icing smooth and creamy, and best of all, it just had the right sweetness.

The Fruit Garden

06. The Fruit Garden
Contact Person: Pierre Marmonier / 09209453565 / pierre@thefruitgarden.net

This was the last booth I visited, and I am so thankful I did sample their fruit jams. Though The Fruit Garden is owned by a foreigner and that they use French recipes and techniques in making their jams, they do use locally grown fruits. I only took one small bread and only got to sample three fruit jams - Strawberry Banana, Mango Ginger, and Pineapple Coco Rhum - but these three were enough to make me love them. :) My favorite among the three flavors I tasted was the Mango Ginger.

Oriental Basket

Oriental Basket

05. Oriental Basket
Contact Person: Angelo Yaneza / 09164940932 / angeloyaneza@gmail.com

Their main product is the Honey Shrimp Sauce, which they say is the new bagoong. When they gave me a small plate of pineapple tidbits squeezed with the bagoong, I was quite surprised for I really didn't know how it would taste like. Giving it a taste, I was totally blown away. It was lip smacking good, and I love their idea of processing the shrimp bagoong into sauce. They have three flavors - regular, spicy, and extra spicy... and my pineapples had the spicy one, which proved that this is really the new bagoong.

Simply Pie! Quiche

04. Simply Pie!
Contact Person: Gail Ang / 09228822194 / gailgenevieve@yahoo.com

I got to taste both of their mini quiche variants, and it was the spinach, feta cheese, and sundried tomatoes that I loved more.

Mochiko Mochiko

03. Mochiko
Contact Person: Nowie Potenciano / 09998840624 / nowiepotenciano@me.com

I have been hearing about Mochiko for quite sometime now, and when I got to taste their product, I instantly became one of its fans. Eating sticky rice balls with ice cream inside has got to be one of the most interesting foods I have tasted.

Fruits in Ice Cream

Fruits in Ice Cream

02. Fruits in Ice Cream
Contact Person: Jose Ma. Celdran / 09998840624 / nowiepotenciano@me.com

Yep, FIC is Mochiko's sister (or brother, whichever way you want to call it). Actually, the ice cream inside Mochiko is FIC. That day, there were two flavors the guests can choose from, and wanting to taste the best of both worlds, sister went for the raspberry, I went for the lemon crumble. The lemon crumble tasted like eating ice cream cake, with the main lemon flavor coming from the little bits of lemon crumbles in the ice cream. The raspberry was great, too, but I am not a big fan of the raspberry, so I would say the lemon crumble tasted better (although my sister would really disagree with me as she thinks the raspberry was better).

Gourmet Dips and Dressings

Gourmet Dips and Dressings

01. Gourmet Dips and Dressings
Contact Person: Mira Angeles / 09175270913 / mira.angeles@gmail.com

The cheese pimiento was truly love at first taste. I just loved how tasty and creamy it was! The herbed cream cheese and the basil pesto pate was equally great, too, but it was the cheese pimiento that really captured my heart.

This post may only have featured 10 out of 31 concessionaires at the Yummy Eats event, but I am NOT saying the rest weren't good. Believe me, choosing my top 10 was difficult because all of the foods I tasted had their own unique goodness.

*** Jenn ***

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