Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Card and Some Pancit

It's 11:44PM now and my eyes are closing a bit, so I will do my Top 10 next week... for now I will just share these photos.

Bday Card from Nestle Club

Y'all know now that I celebrated my birthday last Friday, and since I was out the whole day with sister, it was a bit late when I realized I received a card from Nestle Club. Now that E-Mails, mobile phones, and Internet has been an integral part of our lives, receiving something from the mail was really touching.

Big thanks for the card, Nestle Club!

Lucban Food Key Rings

Last weekend, I was in Quezon Province to take part of the Pahiyas Festival. As early as 8AM, I... together with my sister and our friend Ria were already roaming the streets of Lucban to photograph kiping-adorned houses. Very tiring thing to do because it was so hot that day, that we didn't stay to watch the parade anymore.

Whenever I travel, one of the souvenir items I always buy is the key chain (or key ring), and I always look for something quite extraordinary - and I found two food-inspired key rings.. the Longganisang Lucban and Pancit Habhab. These looked very cute, but in the end I chose to buy a different design - the Kiping - because it was Pahiyas Festival when I traveled there. Maybe if I travel back there, I might go for the Pancit Habhab key ring. :)

Eating Pancit Hab-Hab

Speaking of Pancit Habhab, one of the "food missions" I set for myself for this trip was to eat Pancit Habhab street style. Well, I already knew what it taste like for whenever Ria and any of her family would travel to their hometown of Tayabas (neighboring town of Lucban), they would always give us raw pancit habhab, but eating it at the streets of Lucban would always be something really special. For 10 pesos per serving, it was one of the best street food experiences I had - maybe because I had to eat the noodles without having to use any utensils. Well, as K would always tell me "God created hands before forks," and that principle worked well with this one.

I really enjoyed my first Pahiyas Festival... and I think this would now be part of our yearly travels.

*** Jenn ***

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