Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Duty Free Goodies

Last weekend, mom went out with close office mates. Sister and I wanted to come with them, but mom decided not to tag us along because our cousin Jason was staying here, and that another cousin dropping by to deliver some milkfish. I was a bit sad that we had to stay at home, but looking at the bright side, I guess it was a good thing for mom to go out without us, because one of the places they went to was the Duty Free shop, and seriously, if mom took any of us with her, she will just be so pissed having a "conscience" whispering "Not this, not that... too much sodium... that's expensive..."

True enough, mom enjoyed her weekend out, and she was happy to say that her purchase at the Duty Free shop was only about 40usd, compared to some of her office mates paying up at least 60usd.

From Duty Free

Okay, alright, it wasn't expensive as I thought it would be, so presenting what she put in her cart:
  • Pringles Cheddar Cheese. Not our choice of flavor, but mom said she knew sister loved cheese laden foods, so she chose this.
  • Swiss Miss Fat-Free Chocolate Drink. It only had eight or ten sachets inside, so I will just let mom drink this... but for sure brother will consume this the most. (Peace, bro)
  • Libby's Vienna Sausage. Seeing mom bought the box with 18 cans inside made me go, "whoa!" It WAS a lot. Then again, it also amused me and was a bit glad mom chose this. The family loves Vienna Sausage, so no need for us to include it in our grocery list... until all cans were consumed, of course.
  • SPAM Lite. I would seriously go for the less sodium kind, but this was a good choice, too.
  • Paradise Fruits Candies. We still haven't opened it, so we don't know how the candies taste like. I was a bit sad, though, because it didn't have any green candies inside - only yellow, red, orange, and purple.
  • Palm Corned Beef. We still have the Brazilian made corned beef from the last time we went Duty Free shopping in Subic last October, so maybe that's the reason why she chose the one made from New Zealand. (Hmmm... aber, matikman nga!)
  • Camel Natural Cashews. Another food item which we still haven't tasted. When sister saw this, she quickly quipped, "Cream Dory!" Looks like we can cook another batch of Cashew-Crusted Cream Dory again. Nice!
  • Sunkist Pistachios. We opened it last night... for sure these nuts won't last long, it was just so delicious, it's driving us nuts! :)
  • Lay's Sour Cream and Onion. It's very rare for the family to do Duty Free shopping, but on those rare times, this bag of chips always finds its way to the cart. Hahahaha. I love it!
  • Lay's Classic. Not our choice, but still something we look forward to eat.
  • Sun Chips Multi-Grain Chips Cheese. Something new for us, but the chips looked like Jack and Jill's Nova, so it's something I am not really excited about.
  • Combo's Cheese Pretzel. Mom loves Combos, and when we saw it, us siblings told amongst ourselves that we would try not to eat it and let mom eat it all, because of all the food items she bought, it was the one we know she loves the most. Of course, we would get a piece or two every now and then, but still, we really control ourselves not to eat it.
  • Cowhead Fresh Milk. No cereals? Hahahaha.

I was really happy mom didn't buy any chocolate candies. Well, dad was the only one in the family who really loved eating chocolate candies, and now that he is not around anymore, there is no need to buy chocolates anymore. Well, my sister and brother both have sweet tooth, and sis was a bit sad that there was no chocolate.. mom just told her she still has some chocolates in the fridge she still hasn't eaten, so she should just eat it instead. Hehehehe.

Among all the food items mom took home, my eyes are set on that bag of Lay's Sour Cream and Onion. Even if they don't let me eat the rest, just as long as I have that green bag of chips, I will be happy.

*** Jenn ***

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