Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Say What?

Sndwch Cke

When we last did grocery shopping, mom put a plastic container full of baked goodies in our cart. While my sister was eating one of the items in the container, the name of the product caught my attention in a negative way.


Are you kidding me?!? I know this is the age of instant this and that - people wanted to finish things in warp speed - but does it include murdering the vowels? Okay, given the argument that companies have to think of a unique name for their products, but they also have to understand that the main market for these kind of products are the younger generation - who would rather pack foods for school recess instead of having money in their pocket. As older people, we should help mold the minds of these kids as they are the hope of the future, and spelling words sans the vowels is certainly not a good example.

Text speak is okay if you're texting because characters are limited and one must send as much message as possible, but let text speak be text speak. Outside the cell phones, we shouldn't get lazy writing or typing the words. Actually, aside from this, there are also products with misspelled names - remember Cupp Keyk and all those sorts of "Keyk"s?

An appeal to food manufacturers and networks showing programs for kids. Please mind that as adults, we should help kids get the proper education they deserve. We sure all want to get things done as fast as possible, but please don't murder the vowels. They were there for a reason.

*** Jenn ***

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