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Bong Bong's 1 of 4

BongBong's Piaya & Barquillos
Robinson's Place Iloilo
Quezon cor. De Leon Streets, Iloilo City
+63 (033)508-8228

The soonest time I told my family K and I will be traveling to Iloilo, my sister already told me she wanted me to buy some Bong Bong's ube piaya. It was the only one food product she wanted me to take home, and of course I didn't want to let her down. When K and I went to SM City Iloilo, their little stall didn't have any ube piaya, and asking the store attendant, he told me I can try my luck in Robinson's Place Iloilo.

Bong Bong's

Bong Bong's

The next day, K and I had to buy some bottled water, and I suggested we go to Robinson's Place. I was able to see the Bong Bong's store easily (it was near the fountain), and I was in awe with how much products they had. I did see some packs of ube piaya, but I didn't buy right away, I didn't want to carry a box while K and I roam around the city, so I put off the shopping until the next day, before our flight back to Manila.

Bong Bong's started in 1984, as a backyard factory owned by couple Reynaldo and Maria Lomer Villan. It gained popularity over the years, and now it is one of the well known names as far as Negros pasalubong is concerned. In fact, they were awarded "Most Outstanding Pasalubong Center" in 2005's National Shoppers Choice Awards. Their main factory is based in Bacolod, Negros Occidental, but because of its popularity, there are now different stores and kiosks around the Visayan regions - and they even have a branch in Robinson's Galleria in Ortigas, although I still haven't seen it yet.

With K holding my basket, I filled it up with different goodies, and like what I did for "the Original Biscocho Haus," the goodies will be presented in different parts. Here's the first batch of my pasalubong:


Biscocho (small pack - p34). Even if it's the smaller pack I bought, the amount of biscocho inside the pack was enough already. Comparing this one to the one made by Biscocho Haus, this one was fluffier, and much more delicious. The only negative thing I can say is that the bread slices were too big that it was difficult to bite, but other than that, this was the best I have tasted.

Garlic Toast

Garlic Bread (small pack - p34). Same bread as the one used in biscocho, only that this obviously is savory and had garlic bits. The blend of flavors were so nice, I regretted buying just the small pack. It was just so good with the morning coffee that I hoped I am living in Iloilo so I can eat this as much as I could.


Barquillos (p35). It certainly looked different than the normal barquillos, and it tasted quite different, too. In my opinion, this had more body in it and tasted milkier. Even if this is delicious, I still prefer the normal barquillos. Aside from this basic barquillos, they also have ube, strawberry, and pandan flavored barquillos, but I didn't buy any of the flavored ones.


Barquiron (small - p33). I bought two packs of this, one just for my sister, the other for the family. I guess my family just loves barquiron so much, that when I was about to take a picture of it, all that's left were these 5 sticks. Ugh. :) Well, for those who don't know, barquiron is basically barquillos filled with polvoron. Very addictive!

These were just the first four products, will continue next Friday.

*** Jenn ***

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