Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Funny

The Good


Last Sunday, I shared the recipe for Cashew - Crusted Cream Dory, and because I am part of the Yummy Magazine fan page in Facebook, I decided to share the picture of the dish with the link to my blog, and just a day after, I saw this in their wall. Big thanks, Minette!

Food / Foodie Magazines

Yesterday, brother came home from La Union. His primary goal of going there was to witness the wedding of his friend Malou, and since he was already there, he also thought of packing some of his stuff, which he collected while staying there for more than a year. He had quite a lot to take home, so he asked sister to come to the bus terminal to help him carry the stuff (as we don't own a vehicle). Talking to him on the phone, I realize he initially wanted to take home his VCD collection, and I asked if he could also bring home his old culinary magazines. He said it will be very heavy, so he asked me to come with sister so I can help carry the stuff, too.

We divided the things to carry, and I end up getting two heavy bags, which I carried on my shoulders. I am not complaining at all; I am actually very excited to see my "reward," which brother gave after dinner. The stack of magazines was really, really, heavy, but brother said this was only 1/3 of his collection. Magazines here covered 2004 to 2006, but the one at the top was published in 2000. It was mostly FOOD Magazines, but there were a few Yummy Magazines as well. I told him I will just take home another 1/3 when I travel to La Union later this month. I am now browsing each of the magazines to find recipes I can cook. Happiness!

The Bad

This happened a few weeks back... the food blogging world was bugged by the so-called "Big Bad Blogger." It was really a disgrace to blogging, but I am sure he's not the only one who can manipulate words to work for his advantage. So.. where do bloggers draw the line?

Personally, I have attended several events, and while it was normal to reciprocate good deeds with good words, I do believe the blogger still has to say what he/she truly feels, even if there will be some negative to it. I believe it is okay to accept invitations, and should one didn't like how the event turn up, he/she has the right to point it out, without being rude, of course.

I still am very open for invitations, and should I attend, it is very expected of me to bring out all the positive things I can dish out - it's in my nature now to find the goodness in anything - while maintaining my integrity and my passion as a blogger. Ka-ching or no ka-ching, I will write what's in my heart.

The Funny


Last Sunday, mom passed by the nearby supermarket to buy some snacks she later served to her guests. She went there after the mass, and instead of buying raw ingredients at the market (which was a few steps away from the supermarket), she bought these packets of Ulalammm for our lunch. She said it was something new and something cheap, so might as well try it. What made me chuckle was its flavor - "Puso Kong Dinuguan." Uber dramatic of a flavor, eh? Although I got to give the thumbs up to the one who came out with this.

About the product - it wasn't really delicious. The meat cuts weren't actually real pork, but veggiemeat, I guess. Well, at least there are other alternative to the very inexpensive instant noodles and sardines, right?

Hapimi Pancit Canton

I just love it how Pinoys can come up with names to catch people's attention, like this one - the Hapimi Pancit Canton... it was obviously a spinoff to the Lucky Me! pancit canton, but hey, even pancit canton has to be happy. :)

*** Jenn ***

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