Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"The Best Sauce."

Yesterday, I busied myself by checking my old files on DVDs to check if I have saved some MP3s. My sister and I are traveling to Baguio, La Union, and Abra by the end of the month (until the first week of March), and I think now is the time for me to use the nearly one year old iPod Nano I won from the Coke Zero Resolutions contest. I then also took the time to check folders for old food pictures I could use for Food Quote.

"The Best Sauce."

This was something I ate at El Pollo Loco in SM Mall of Asia early 2009. I met up with a fellow blogger (JenL) because she told me her sister (JoyD) sent some Christmas presents for me. After the short chit-chats and a visit to the EDSA Shrine, my sister and I thought it was still early for us to go home, so we went to SM Mall of Asia. This was my first (and so far the only) taste of El Pollo Loco, and writing this makes me wanna go back there again.

I have always been a person with good appetite. My late father told me he never had any problems feeding me when I was still a toddler, because I would eat whatever they serve me - except okra, of course. My body is an obvious proof how much I love eating; it certainly is one of the things to do in life. :)

Food doesn't just nourish me, it's also a reason why I live. Don't you just love the first bite of food you have when you're feeling hungry? Taking pleasure in chewing the food and tasting every flavor don't just ease the hunger, it also feeds your emotions and your overall well being.

If you wanna read the full story behind our food trip in El Pollo Loco, please click HERE. I try not to use two same pictures in the same blog, so the picture here and the one in the food trip may be the same food, but two different shots. :)

*** Jenn ***

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