Saturday, February 5, 2011

Foodie 365 - Week 5

Yey, one month down, eleven more months to go!

Foodie 365 - 29/365

Foodie 365 > 29/365 - Ampalaya Guisado
29 January 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Mom bought ampalaya the night before and intended to cook it for her packed lunch, but we had some leftover food, so mom packed it instead. Since I didn't want the ampalaya to stay that long in the fridge, I decided to cook it for dinner. I also went to the nearby market to buy some shrimps, because I have been craving for it. If you want to cook this dish, you can check the recipe HERE.


Foodie 365 > 30/365 - Mountain Dew
30 January 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

I took this picture as my take for the "beverage" prompt in Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday meme. I first took pictures of orange juice as I pour it, but I thought lots of people will do that, so I took another round of pictures, this time using Mountain Dew. It was the only fizzy drink we had in the fridge, but I was happy about it because the color just looked great!

Foodie 365 - 31/365

Foodie 365 > 31/365 - Fish and Chips
31 January 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Last grocery day, sister placed a bag (1 kilo) of cream dory fish in the cart, and today she cooked one fish fillet a la Fish and Chips, since we also had a bag of French Fries in the freezer. This wasn't the best Fish and Chips my sister has cooked, but that's because we ran out of cornstarch and bread crumbs. Her batter was mainly flour, and since I requested the whole fish fillet, she had to use the griddle to cook this (it didn't fit in any of our frying pans). Even if the fish didn't look good, it was still delicious.

Foodie 365 - 32/365

Foodie 365 > 32/365 - Chicken Sotanghon Soup
01 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Brother cooked this one because our main dish was dry. Using the remaining slice of chicken breast, he just made this soup to go with our fried fish. The soup actually was already a meal in itself, but I am personally not into soups, so I was only able to eat half of what's in my bowl.

Foodie 365 - 33/365

Foodie 365 > 33/365 - Egg and Toast
02 February 2011
{Sony Ericsson K800i}

Sister cooked scrambled eggs the way I wanted it - with onions, garlic, and tomatoes. She told me she knew I prefer my eggs like this (and sunny side up - yolks cooked, sides a bit toasty), so even if she didn't like this kind of cooked eggs, she still cooked it for me (yes, I have a very sweet sister). We didn't have any rice in the pot, so I minced some garlic and mixed it to the slightly melted butter and spread it in some bread slices. Few minutes later, I have delicious toast to partner the scrambled eggs with. Lovely breakfast!

Foodie 365 - 34/365

Foodie 365 > 34/365 - Goto
03 February 2011
{Sony Ericsson K800i}

Sister and I went for a jog today, and after some laps around the plaza, we walked to the marketplace just cool down, and before walking back home, we decided to eat some goto at a karinderia (food kiosk). I was sad they didn't put chopped spring onions in their goto, but it was really delicious. Hidden inside the bowl were cuts of ox tripe, and it was so tender! What a yummy way to start the day!

Foodie 365 - 35/365

Foodie 365 > 35/365 - Corned Beef Spaghetti
04 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Sister was craving for spaghetti, but we didn't have any ground meat in the freezer, so I just used canned corned beef to cook this. Nothing really special, but sister appreciated the gesture. Well, she did cook me food sometime this week, might as well cook something for her, too.

I think this week I had a good balance of food intake. Let's eat!

*** Jenn ***

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