Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Eating - Soft Ice Cream

It was raining here from time to time since Friday... hope you had a great weekend, mine was okay despite feeling a little gloomy.

Mango Soft Ice Cream

Since my sister resigned from work, she would always come with me to the market to buy ingredients for our next meal. One time, she asked if I could buy her ice cream, so we went to this corner store to buy their cheapest ice cream (p7). We both liked the taste of their soft ice cream, and since then we would buy a cone every time we go to the market - which was actually everyday. :)

Last Saturday, my sis, cousin, and I went to buy ice cream after doing the market errand. I don't actually like their vanilla flavored ice cream (I think it wasn't actually vanilla, but milk), so I told my sister I'm happy with any other flavor. Knowing the other flavor was mango, my cousin went for it, too. I know my sister loves mango, so I was a bit surprised when she went to the table with a cone of vanilla ice cream.

She told us she wanted the mango, but the store staff didn't want all flavors to be mango, and that flavors should go alternate. What?!? That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have heard in all of my dining history. Since when did the store staff (or owner) choose what the customers should have? It didn't make any sense... I mean, what we were three different people, coming in one at a time, each choosing one particular flavor? My sister said maybe they were doing it so all ice cream will be consumed, but then again, putting up the flavors was a risk, right? Not all people will like one particular flavor, so there is a chance that both flavors will not be consumed. Bottomline, store gave customers a choice, so they have to respect it.

Anyway, the mango flavored ice cream was delicious. I hope their policies will be as "delicious" as their ice cream.

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