Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Devote Our Attention to Eating."

I have to admit that Food Quote has got to be the most difficult blog meme I joined - not only was it difficult to think of what picture to share (I don't want to re-post the same images as much as possible), it was difficult to search for a suitable quote for the picture as well. Difficult as it may be, I do love this meme, and would continue joining as long as the meme's existing. :)

A good way to prevent re-posting of pictures I thought of is to use old food pictures that I still haven't posted (because maybe I posted it in the old food blogs prior to this one). If I have no more old photos to share, then I'd use some of the newer ones, but will make sure it was a different picture compared to the one already posted.

Spinach and Artichoke Formaggio

This dish is the Spinach and Artichoke Formaggio. In 2008, I went on to my very first blog event at Italianni's Bonifacio High Street. Before we left, we were given p1000 gift certificate, and since I brought my sister with me (I told the organizers I'd take her), she was given her GC as well. We decided for the whole family to use it, and we ate at the Italianni's branch in Gateway Mall.

This is my favorite Italianni's food; I loved the combination of spinach and artichoke, and even if it's cream based, I got this feeling that I was eating something healthy - hahaha, a good way of convincing myself I am eating healthy. My mom loved it, too... and the sun dried tomatoes at the top added a much better flavor, too. Downside about this dish? It was expensive - this dish was about p250, and it had six slices of bread.

Despite the dishes being expensive, it was really great that we could get to eat at different restaurants. I know I have been ridiculed because I always talk about food... but, my question is that, what's there to not like about food and eating? I know we should eat to live, however, sometimes we should also enjoy the food in front of us, taste the different flavors and take comfort in doing so. Everything now has to be done in warp speed, sometimes we already neglect the fact that eating is one of the best things to do in life.

I am such a glutton. Hahaha!

*** Jenn ***

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Jenn, the Foodie

I come from a family who loves cooking and eating. I never had any formal training in cooking and that I taught myself how to cook based on the handed down recipes, but I could say that I can cook good food. In 2008, I started documenting my food trips for my travel blog, and since I have quite enough to start a food blog, might as well put all those food trips in one location. Thus, a food blog is born - thanks to the new Friendster Blogs. However, due to several problems, I was left with no choice but to pack bags again and move here instead. Here's the permanent address, promise! Enough talk, let the food trippin' begin! {Know More About Me}