Friday, January 28, 2011

Original Biscocho Haus 4 of 4

Original Biscocho Haus
#8 Lopez Jaena Street
Jaro, Iloilo City
+63 (33)329-0862 / +63 (33)329-0864

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Last part of the pasalubong I took home from Original Biscocho Haus:

Hot Sticks

Hot Sticks (p20). It looked like shing-a-ling, which was the primary reason of me buying it, but it didn't have that distinct shing-a-ling flavor. It tasted just like any ordinary crunchy bread, but my brother liked this one because it was spicy.


Galletas (p31). As soon as I saw this, I was already expecting it to be sweet, but it wasn't really. It was a good snack, though.


Piaya (10 pcs. - p33). Flat bread with muscovado sugar filling. When I first tasted this bread some years back, I didn't initially liked it, but when my sister sent us some while doing her internship at Negros Navigation, I have come to like its taste. This particular piaya was a bit hard, very flaky, but it tasted good.

Ube Piaya

Ube Piaya (5 pcs. - p33). Same as the regular piaya, only this obviously had ube. Very expensive for 5 pieces, but it was really delicious.

There were more products which I can't get, but what I liked about the store was that customers have their choice of having them to pack the goodies in plastic or in boxes. Since I am traveling by air, I let them pack it all up in a box. Just to let you know, though, should you decide to have them pack your goodies in boxes, each box had an additional charge of p20.

Next week, I will continue with the Iloilo pasalubong, but will feature a different store. :)

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