Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My First Seconds of Fame

I have had my Twitter Account for quite sometime, but I don't update it much because I only have 5 followers and I would rather just update itty bitty things about my life in Facebook. However, morning of 01 January, I decided to revive my Twitter, not minding if I have very few followers. My twitter wall was obviously filled with tweets from those I follow, and I got to see this poll put up by GMA News - the top 10 for 2010. They said the poll for "the most patok food for 2010" will close up by 4PM, so I gave my answer:

I just answered the poll for the sake of answering it. Come night time, the family watched 24 Oras Weekend - to see the people brought to the hospitals because of firecracker injuries (yeah, gross). We continued watching it because there wasn't any good programs in different channels anyway, so when the part about polls came up, I told my sister I voted for the yogurt (or fro-yo) as the most patok food for 2010, and I was sad that it was only number two in the results. Well, ice scramble was in fact the most patok.

Anyway, the news anchor - Pia Archanghel - read some tweets made by people, and surprise surprise, she read my tweet! I could only say, "Ay, ako yan, tweet ko yan!" Two of my online buddies got to watch it, too (one of which resides in Saudi Arabia - they hay the Pinoy TV I guess). Oh wow, a few seconds of fame at the start of the year! Yebah yebah!

Sadly, I wasn't quick enough to take a picture of our TV screen - I guess was really shocked hearing my name. I tried to watch different video versions of the news, but they omitted the tweets part, boo hoo. :) I don't know how they screen the tweets, but for whatever reason, thank you, GMA News! :)

*** Jenn ***

ps - in their poll for 02 Jan, they asked about the "Patok Pinoy Bands" and I responded to it again... when I came home and updated my Facebook, teacher Julie made a comment saying the news at QTV11 read my tweet for this poll. Wow ah, two days of answering polls and they read it live. I guess I really have to revive my tweeter. It's a sign! Hahaha.

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