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Real Italian, Real Fast

Walk 1 - Eastwood City Cyberpark

E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Libis
, Quezon City,
+63 (02) 421-0453

05 June 2010

I met up with Ethel and Nathalie for a photo shoot, and after, Nathalie and I decided to go to Eastwood City to hunt items for the photo hunt we both joined. One of the items in the list was "fountain," and she told me there is a dancing fountain in Eastwood City. Prior to this, it has been ages since I went there, so I was really excited.


It was dinner time already, so I let her decided where we will eat, as she knows the place more than I do. She told me there is this good, affordable Italian restaurant, and I am very much into affordable, good foods, so I followed her lead. She took me to Fazoli's.


At first I was doubting how "affordable" is affordable, because we entered a two-story building, and I was thinking maybe their foods would be expensive for me (I am very kuripot, that's why). Anyway, there was one major line for diners, and customers will just approach the available cashier. They have the menu printed big enough to make a decision even before we approached the cashier.

We had:

Pizza and Pasta

Fettucine Alfredo Pizza

Pizza and Fettucine Alfredo (p140). They had different types of pizza and different kinds of pasta, so for me to taste both, I ordered this one. From what I know, they only serve pepperoni pizza for this kind of meal, but diners can choose what kind of pasta they will have. Aside from the fettucine, other choices would be: Spaghetti in Meat Sauce (p130) and Spaghetti al Pesto (p145). I chose the Alfredo because I knew pizza already had tomato sauce, so I want to taste something different.

The pizza was good. It wasn't as thick as the regular pan pizza, but it wasn't so thin as the regular thin pizza, too. It was soft, a bit chewy, so I really enjoyed the flavors playing in my mouth. As for the fettucine, it was basically like the normal alfredo pasta I have eaten, but because they added some herbs to it, it gave a different depth to the flavor. For its size, it was really more than I paid for.

Pasta Sampler

Sampler Platter (p170). Lasagna, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, and Fettucine Alfredo - Nathalie's choice. From what I remember, she really enjoyed her meal. Since she also had the fettucine, I just asked for a little taste of the spaghetti and it was good, too. Typical Italian sauce, but not really that sour, so it's something every Pinoy will appreciate.

Both of us went for their Refillable Drinks (p50), which was something I really enjoyed because they had the drinks dispenser in one corner and diners can just choose whatever drinks they wanted - if they already consumed all the drinks, they can choose a different kind. Cool! I saw Mountain Dew in the choices, so I chose to have it.

Fazoli's also have Bread Sticks (6 pcs. - p45) in their menu, but it's something I won't recommend you to order from the start, because they have a staff roaming around the restaurant with a tray of bread sticks, and you can just freely ask for a bread stick for free. I think all in all I had three bread sticks.

Gab Valenciano

The ground floor of the restaurant is where diners can order up and it is where their kitchen in located, the top floor is where the dining area is located. Like most restaurants in the area, they also had some tables outside, and it was where we chose to sit because there was a program and we wanted to see the happenings. Talk about good luck, we just spotted a celebrity - Gab Valenciano!

Great food, great price. I just love this place that when I got home I immediately shared the story to my sister. I told her if there is a chance for us to go to Eastwood City, I want us to eat here again so she can taste it, too. Crossing fingers for it to happen this year.

*** Jenn ***

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