Friday, January 21, 2011

Original Biscocho Haus 3 of 4

Original Biscocho Haus
#8 Lopez Jaena Street
Jaro, Iloilo City
+63 (33)329-0862 / +63 (33)329-0864

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Continuing the posts about the pasalubong I took home from Original Biscocho Haus:


Pinasugbo (p45). This is one of my favorite regional foods. Although this food product is available in South Luzon provinces, it was also available in Visayas regions, and as sweet and as tough as the banana slices are, I just love it. Each pack has ten paper cones of pinasugbo (average of 5 slices per cone), and I think this was the best I have tasted. At one time I actually ate 3 cones in one sitting... I just can't help it.

Banana Marbles

Banana Marbles (p33). One of the items I didn't like. The name suggests it's banana, yet it didn't tasted like one. If you're familiar with the food "belekoy" (ooohhh nostalgic), you'd get the idea of how this tasted.


Yemas (p44). Another one of those I didn't like. It was very zesty, and had an awful amount of granulated sugar. I gave it a taste, then I threw the pack - I won't risk letting my mom eat this, as her blood sugar is borderline high already.

Mango Tartlets

Mango Tartlets (p53). This, I like. The mango filling was a bit sour and the dough helped in mellowing the taste. I love munching one or two pieces after meal, and I was the one who ate most of this product because family didn't like it that much.

Last part next week.

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