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My 30th

Napoli Pizzeria
Upper Ground Floor, SM City Fairview
Regalado Avenue cor. Quirino Highway
Brgy. Greater Lagro, Quezon City
+63 (02)939-5556
12 May 2010

Back then, I could only see the establishment whenever the jeep or the bus would pass along Regalado Avenue in Fairview side. I have always wondered how their foods taste like, because it was really impossible for the family to go there just to eat, I really thought I could never taste their foods.

When the restaurant changed locations, it settling in SM City Fairview was a "dream come true." However, we could only read the menu from the outside, and since we based it on the prices, we found it quite expensive. Cutting the story short, even if I wanted to eat there, it still seemed impossible.

Napoli Pizzeria

When it was my turn to celebrate birthday, I suggested we eat at Napoli Pizzeria. I told mom their foods were quite pricey, but I "plead" to let me just taste the foods and after this, it would be okay if we don't eat there again. :) On my part, I just wanted to know how their foods are like, and if the family found their prices outrageous, then it would be okay if they don't want to eat there again.

Napoli Pizzeria

Napoli Pizzeria

It was a small place, but the embellishments were total eye candies! Stepping inside the restaurant was like being inside an old diner with all the retro decorations. :)

The menu had a little factoid about the restaurant, but the place wasn't lit well, and my camera wasn't able to fully capture the words printed. I cannot find any information about the place, so I will that blank for the meantime.

Mom let me choose the foods, and here were what we had:

Mozzarella Bars

Mozzarella Bars. In 2008, I was able to taste a similar dish, the Mozzarella in Carrozza from C' Italian Dining in Angeles, Pampanga. I missed that dish, so I ordered this one. It wasn't as delicious as the one I had back then, but it was good. Cheese and tomato really makes a good pair.

All Meat Pizza

All Meat Pizza (p260 - 10 inches). This is an Italian restaurant, so I felt we should also have pizza. I chose the All Meat one, because I know my sister and mom weren't into veggies much. It wasn't the best pizza I have tasted, but it was really delicious, and I was sad it only had 4 slices - one for each of us.


Lasagna (p285). I asked them to help me choose what pasta to order. Mom wanted lasagna, so I went with it, too.

Baked Ziti with Hungarian Sausage

Baked Ziti with Hungarian Sausage (p315). Brother's choice.

We were told that each of the pasta servings were good for 2 persons, so we had two pasta dishes. When the dishes were served, we were really surprised at how big the dishes was actually good for 4 people! Comparing the two pasta dishes, I loved the lasagna more, because it had meat sauce that was evenly distributed in the pasta. The baked ziti had little amount of sausage inside - it was like trying to find a treasure in a big land.

While eating, brother saw our neighbor entering the establishment. If I remember it correctly, it was the anniversary of Ria's parents, and they opt to eat there, too. Mom suggested they sit near us, so the staffs just moved one table next to us. Oooohhh.. the more the merrier!

Seafood Pesto

Nut-Pesto with Seafood (p285). Their choice of food. I got to taste this dish, and it was really awesome. I never thought seafood with go well with pesto, but it did.

30th Birthday

Me at 30. ...well, almost! Celebrating my birthday a day earlier was really happy that we also got to celebrate it with our close neighbors.

That day, we had cheese and tomato overload. I liked the foods, but I guess we didn't get to choose what we will have wisely. We still haven't had the urge to come back here (because we still haven't tried all of the food places in the mall), but should we come back, I'd really make sure I'd taste their different pasta - not the tomato based ones. :)

Napoli Pizzeria is located near the Regalado Avenue entrance, near Iceberg's.

*** Jenn ***

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