Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekend Eating | Crispy Salmon Skin

Last week has got to be the week when I published the least amount of posts this year (not including the time I am out on vacation, of course). I told a very nasty thing to K the other night - that I feel I am losing the zest for life since my Paypal got hacked and I get a whole lot of scam e-mails telling me my credit card cannot be processed (goodness, I don't even have one), etcetera etcetera. I admit my last few statements to K were things that should never come out of anyone's mouth (or in this case, fingers - as I was typing my words rather than speaking them), and I do apologize for saying it, because a few minutes after I said it, God "carried"me - by giving me one big blessing. It clearly came out of nowhere, and I just couldn't contain my happiness because I can now say for sure that I will be traveling to Cebu and Bohol next month, thanks to the goodness of my Uncle Pete, who booked the flights for me.

The next day, after I told mom the good news, I asked her about the Antipolo trip she and her close friends at work planned to do (we were actually going to do this last Father's Day, but there was a typhoon), and I was surprised yet again when she said "Tomorrow." Oh wow. :)

Crispy Salmon Skin Crispy Salmon Skin

There were only a few of us - mom, me, tita Cora, tita Merlyn and her family (husband and 2 sons). We picked up tita Cora near the Petron gas station in North Fairview, and because the van needed some fuel, we decided to go down, check their convenience store, and one of the things tita Cora bought was this pack of Crispy Salmon Skin, which was quite spicy (it's spiciness can make one's throat very itchy), but very addictive, too! It taste like pork chicharon, but it taste like salmon, too! Very delicious! Too bad tita Cora lost her receipt, I didn't know how much was this, as there wasn't any price tag on it.

The plastic looks Thai (I have seen too many Thai delis with the same packaging), but I believe this is re-packed as the phone number's very Filipino. I am planning to send them a text message within this day to ask more about their products... I just hope their goods are affordable and that I can order even just a few items.

So... what did you have last weekend? If you're new to the Weekend Eating meme, you can read the rules and get the badge codes HERE.

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