Friday, July 8, 2011

Big and Better? Heck, Yeah!

BBB - Big Better Burgers
2nd Level - SM City Fairview
Quirino Highway cor. Regalado Avenue, Quezon City
+63 (02)352-7208
19 October 2010

Tasting how good Slammer Burgers were, sister and I went on our little Burger Project, and this time we chose to eat at BBB or Big Better Burgers. With the expansions happening in SM Fairview, many establishments were opening, and as much as it was a good chance, somehow it made some parts of the mall slowly fading. Actually, if my sister and I didn't check the Cyberzone, we weren't able to see Nail-a-holics where sister had her pedicure, and we won't be able to see this establishment. With a name carrying much conviction, my sister and I thought we should try if it really offers big and better burgers.

BBB - Big Better Burgers

Big Better Burger started in 2008, when brothers Eric and Chiqui Teotico - each having their own careers - decided to change careers. They wanted a business that they can manage well, and they wanted a product that they could take to the next level. Knowing Filipinos love burgers, they found a good balance when they served burgers that are not only big, but also right on the taste.

BBB - Big Better Burgers BBB - Big Better Burgers

The place was small, which seemed just okay given their location. Their store may be located in a part where there weren't much traffic, but because it's near the cinema, even if there weren't much people sitting down to eat, they do get a lot of take away orders, which customers take to the cinema.

They have quite a lot of burgers and some burger rice meals, but my sister and I wanted to compare burgers, so we chose:

Hahalapeno Burger

HahalapeƱo Burger. I do love Mexican foods, so upon seeing this, I knew I'd get it. From the picture, it looked a bit small, but it was really quite big - kinda like the Burger King whopper. The difference, though, was the patty - this obviously had a thicker patty, but it was cooked perfectly. It was juicy and really delicious. The salsa added a good twist to the burger, but because the salsa in general tends to get watery in time, by the time I get to last 1/8 of the burger, the bun was already soaking wet. Still, I loved the burger and I couldn't stop raving about it.

Big Better Burger

Big Better Burger with Cheese. My sister initially wanted to try their Double Dare with cheese (burger with two patties), but since this was our first time, we figured we won't spend that much so we won't have any regrets, if there's any. Well, no regrets whatsoever because we just loved their burgers!

What we loved about the burgers were: the smokey flavor of the patty - not too bland and not too heavy on the seasoning, too; the freshness of the greens and relish; and the buns! Not the typical burger bun with sesame seeds... it really gave a different flavor to the food.


Potato Wedges. Sister and I were talking about ordering their potato products, but she let me order first, and because she couldn't decide whether we will go for it or not, I decided not to get one anymore. When our foods were served, I was surprised she went for the wedges. Anyway, these certainly tasted better than the regular fries because it already had some flavor in it and that the cuts were thick. Initially, these were served with the ketchup, but they do offer other dips for extra charge.

Before we went to eat here, I told my sister, if a business owner would name a food shop with a name that heavy, they should serve food that would live up to people's expectation. Was this Big and Better? It sure was.

I think this already took the throne as our favorite burger joint.

*** Jenn ***


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