Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Big Burp!

Tong Yang - SM Fairview
Lower Ground Floor, New Annex Building
Quirino Highway cor. Belfast Avenue, Quezon City
19 October 2010

Tong Yang

The family has been very interested with this new "Eat All You Can" establishment at SM Fairview since we first saw it, but we were quite skeptic to try it out because we found it quite expensive - p499/person during dinner on weekdays, slightly more expensive during weekends (lunches are a bit cheaper). However, the day my sister and I had lunch at BBB - Big Better Burgers, we found ourselves (again) texting mom if she would like to meet us up for some grocery shopping + dinner together. Mom said yes, of course.

That time, my sister works at a Shabu-Shabu restaurant, so this being her day off, she wanted to taste other Shabu-Shabu so she can compare it to what they serve at the restaurant. Asking my idea about it, I told them I am willing to give it one chance, but after this binge, it would be okay even if I don't get to eat here again.

Tong Yang

It was really a huge restaurant, but because I already saw my sister's pictures at their restaurant, I was a bit sad that there was only one pot for four people. I was actually hoping I could cook my own Shabu-Shabu, or that we could cook our own and compare tastes.

Anyway, upon entering, the staff will ask what kind of broth the group wanted. Three choices were given: Chicken Soup, Spicy Sate Soup, and Sinigang. We went for the sate soup.


While waiting for the staff to bring our broth, we explored the other side of the restaurant where they have ready cooked foods. There were noodles, some steamed seafoods, rice, and some dimsum and sushi. I got one each of the sushi, and I was thankful that the salmon wasn't really that raw. :)

Tong Yang Tong Yang

Fish Fish Fish

Making the Shabu-Shabu, guests had to approach the counter to choose what ingredients they wanted. Different kinds of noodles, greens, dimsum balls, seafood, shellfish, and meat (chicken, pork, beef) were available to choose from. Aside from the pot for Shabu-Shabu, there is also a hot plate around it for grilling. We opted to use shellfishes and fish for grilling. Cubes of butter were given along with the broth, but personally, I didn't like the taste of fish being seared in butter.

Simmering Broth

Shabu Shabu

We let sister cook the Shabu-Shabu for us, using ingredients she preferred. She chose the egg noodles, shrimps, corn, some balls, and corn. Upon request, we were given different sauces. The taste was somewhat similar to mami. At first bowl it was delicious, but the downside was that it fills the tummy fast. Knowing we had to at least consume what we have to pay for, we kept on eating. In between cooking the Shabu-Shabu, we also grilled some seafood. Those bamboo shells were a revelation! Delicious!

Because I was a bit full from the broth, noodles and balls, I concentrated more on grilling fish, and I think I have tried all the kinds of fish at the counter, but I only get about three slices per fish. :)

Halo Halo Big Scoop Ice Cream

Emptying our second pot of Shabu-Shabu (you can always ask the crew for a refill), it was time for us to eat dessert. By this time, it was already near 9pm, and because far too many guests have eaten, there weren't much to choose from. I just went to fix myself a cup of halo-halo, followed by some scoops of ice cream. The big scoop ice cream was good... I loved their coffee ice cream!

Like all "Eat All You Can" establishments, Tong Yang also implements the "no sharing, no leftovers" rule. Although we haven't emptied the broth in our pot, we weren't fined, thank heavens!

I did like the experience, although I felt really bloated and heavy! I enjoyed the fish and the cooking sessions with mom and sis, but echoing what I said on the early parts of this post, even if I don't eat here again, I won't really miss it. I guess despite my big appetite, I somehow can't manage to eat at an "Eat All You Can" restaurants.

*** Jenn ***


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