Sunday, July 31, 2011

Foodie 365 | Week 30

Will do another week of Foodie 365 for Yummy Sunday, because I exhausted myself trying to change the template of my personal blog, An Autobiography in the Works, but in the end I still went back to the old template.

Here are some of the foods I ate last week:

204. Tupig

204. Tupig

I already talked about this on my Weekend Eating post... these tupig were given to us by our next door neighbor.

205. Doritos Nacho Cheeseier

205. Doritos (Nacho Cheesier)

When my sister and I attended the SM Hypermarket Master Chefs cooking marathon, we received a goodie bag each, and in it was a big bag of Doritos. I love corn chips so much, and each piece of the tortilla chips is heaven for me (sodium heaven, yeah). I could certainly eat all the chips in one sitting, but I decided to eat this a few chips at a time so I could enjoy it longer. :)

206. Dinengdeng

206. Dinengdeng

We rarely eat veggies at home since dad died, but on few occasions we would cook dinengdeng just to cut the streak of meat dishes eaten at home. This one only had some okra, saluyot (jute) leaves, and malunggay (moringa) leaves, and it was mom and I who ate most of this dish, but of course, I let her eat the okra as I don't eat it. The fish in the bowl was mom's share (she loves her fried fish simmered in dinengdeng broth), us siblings had the fried fish, too... I think I prefer my fish "dried" and not immersed in broth.

207. Corned Beef Spaghetti

207. Corned Beef Spaghetti

I wasn't in the mood to go to the market to buy some foods for lunch, so I just opened a can of corned beef (the New Zealand brand "Palm" is a family favorite), sliced some chicken hotdogs and boiled some spaghetti. The addition of Italian seasoning, as well as Cheez Whiz in the sauce made it really good, in my opinion.

As always, whenever I eat pasta at home, I always fix myself a cup of coffee; this is the Nescafe brown & creamy.

Jollibee Chicken Burger

208. Jollibee Chicken Burger

Mom had her eye check-up today (once every three months or so, the doctor would call on her to check on her eyes - she had an eye operation in 2009 because of cataract), and sister went with her in case the doctors needed to clean the lens on mom's left eye (they cleaned the right one on her last check up). Anyway, they went to the mall to eat before going home, and they bought brother and I the Chicken Burger. It was good, kinda like eating peppery chickenjoy with bread (and not rice), but I still think KFC's Zinger is the best chicken sandwich.

209. Chili Garlic Shrimps

209. Chili Garlic Shrimps

Talking more about the goodie bag sis and I received (re: Doritos), we also received a goodie bag from Lee Kum Kee, and in it was a pack of sauce for chili-garlic prawns. Seeing some shrimps at the market, brother decided to use it, and it was delicious. It had a right balance of taste - spiciness, sweetness, saltiness, that we might include buying another pack of this on the next grocery day.

Only six foods shared... that's because I already included Saturday's food on last week's post. :)

*** Jenn ***

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