Tuesday, July 26, 2011

June / July Updates, August Plans

I wasn't able to write about the June changes, so I will just tie it up with the July update.


From little cups, I re-planted my tomato seedlings in plastic soda bottles. My brother is a big soda drinker, and since he would sometimes just give these bottles to the people roaming around the neighborhood to collect recyclables, I decided to just use the bottles for my tomatoes.

I took this picture early July, and as of this writing, the seedlings were much taller than the ones in this picture, but I am now starting to wonder why the seedlings aren't blooming yet. They just grow taller and taller, and this has been planted for quite a few months already. I don't know if it's the weather or something, but I am really hoping these babies of mine will bloom and eventually bear fruits.

Ampalaya Oreo

My ampalaya is a success for me. After seeing a few flowers, I started seeing small fruits and last week, I was able to harvest two fruits already. Currently, there are a few more fruits, but since a new typhoon just arrived, I am not sure if I could have a good harvest because even with the protective newspaper wraps, some fruits were still damaged because of the insects.

July 2011 Magazines

For the coming month, I am going back cooking recipes from magazines, and I will try cooking recipes from the two July 2011 magazines I own - FOOD and Yummy. The Yummy Magazine blew me away with its amount of recipes... it was jam-packed with many recipes I want to try that I won't list down the dishes anymore; will just start cooking and share the dishes in the coming days.

As for food trips, I just hope I could have at least one food trip in Cebu and Bohol. Well, that's really definite, but... what I meant with "food trip" is eating at a restaurant that doesn't have a branch here in Metro Manila. Also, I won't be counting the floating restaurant in Loboc because that's also a definite part of the trip. :) Well, like what I said on my travel blog, mom and I will pretty much go with the flow on this trip, I just hope some of my expectations will be met.

*** Jenn ***

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