Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Eating | Food Kitchen Series

Mid-June, I saw a post by FOOD Magazine on their Facebook Page about their Kitchen Series happening at the Enderun Colleges. I wanted to join but was a bit skeptic if I can because we live quite far from the location of the event. To my surprise, my sister said she signed up and received an e-mail saying she was in for the event. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to attend because she had a job interview that day.

While at the Carol's Texan 5 Bloggers' Buffet, mommy Lariza (we all fondly call her "mommy") talked about the FOOD Kitchen Series and encouraged everyone to join because there will be another event happening the next weekend. My sister registered again and was accepted, so was our second cousin Marjorie. It made me sign up, too, and got accepted.

The actual date of the event was 25th of June, but because of the typhoon, it was moved to 9th of July. The event was totally free of charge, though willing participants had to pre-register and once in, they should present the latest copy of FOOD Magazine. Sister and I both got in, so we had 2 copies of the July 2011 issue (if you have spare back issues of FOOD Magazine, I am willing to exchange my copy).

Welcome Treat

Registration started at 9AM, sister and I arrived a little earlier, but our cousin Marj and her friend Grace were already there. Upstairs, there was a platter of desserts, which tasted really good (too bad I didn't know its name).

Chef Marc Chalopin

Shrimp Tartar Burger

10AM, we were ushered to the Culinary Theater for the program. FOOD Magazine's new editor in chief Nana Ozaeta opened the program, then Chef Marc Chalopin (executive chef of ADF + Enderun) prepared two dishes - first being Shrimp Tartar Burgers. It was really good! These were very small burgers - the patty was only 40 grams each, but it sure was packed with lots of flavors!

Riso Nero alla Fiorentina

While we were munching on the burgers, Chef Marc started preparing his second dish - Riso Nero alla Fiorentina (Black Rice with Cuttlefish). The rice was a bit salty for my taste, but since this was just a sample and the main dish had bok choy and other seafoods (octopus, clams, and squids) as toppings, I figured these toppings would help balance off the saltiness of the rice, as the baby squid on the sample portion lacked seasoning. Still, this was a very great dish.. wish I could have more. Hahaha.

Chef See Cheong Yan


Next, Chef See Cheong Yan, the Culinary Head of Enderun Colleges presented a dish using Fly Ace products. The dish was called Cannelloni, but instead of using the tubular pasta, Chef See used lasagna. This dish was his concept and his recipe.. and a very interesting twist to pasta.

Restaurant 101

Salmon Mi-Cuit Chicken Basquaise Louis XV

Lunch was then served at Restaurant 101. Foods we ate were the same as the one we had when we first entered Restaurant 101 for the Enderun and Nuffnang event (click HERE for more details), but sister and I weren't complaining, as we loved all these dishes.

Chef Andreas Gillar

Black Forest Cake

When we got back to the Culinary Theater, Chef Andreas Gillar, Executive Pastry Chef of Enderun Colleges prepared Black Forest (the European way). I became an instant fan of him as I find him a very great teacher (and funny, too). His black forest cake was so good, it made me wish I could bake, too!

Before we called it a day, each of us were given loot bags to take home courtesy of Fly Ace. My bag had a box of Catelli Lasagna, and a bottle each of Dona Elena Oyster Sauce and Olive Oil (pure). We were very surprised with the loot bags because we already felt the day was such a great event - having to see international chefs cook and taste their foods - as well as the lunch at Restaurant 101.. and still, we were given goodies to take home. By just presenting a magazine, we were able to get all of these - very priceless moment.

Thank you so much to FOOD Magazine for this awesome event. I hope there will be another kitchen series soon.

So... what did you have last weekend? If you're new to the Weekend Eating meme, you can read the rules and get the badge codes HERE.

*** Jenn ***

ps - Recipes for the dishes presented will be shared in the coming days.

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