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Weekend Eating: Food Trip at Sidcor

Happy new week, foodies!

I am sure by now all of us (living here in the Philippines, that is) are already feeling the summer heat. Summer has already arrived, and pretty soon it's time to hit the beach and eat foods with ice. Unfortunately, the summer heat can also make foods stale rather quickly, so please take care not to poison yourself by eating stale food, okay?

Welcome to another round of Weekend Eating. Thank you so much to everyone who joined last week, and as always, I am thankful that you're here once again. If you're new to the meme, here are the obvious rules:
  • Post images of a food you ate during the past weekend (Friday included). Please use only images that are your own, or you have permission to use.
  • Do include the code of the badge (check the right side panel of this blog to get the code).
  • Leave your link below once you're done making the post.
  • Visit other participants' blogs and leave a comment love, too.

My share this week:

Yesterday, my sister and I went to the Sidcor Weekend Market because she still hasn't seen the place. Well, she and I used to go to its old location (the grounds of the Lung Center of the Philippines), so she pretty much knew about the market already, though she, of course, wanted to see this new location, too.

We planned to leave the house by 6AM, but we woke up late and ended up leaving around 7:30AM. Well, there were still a lot of people and a lot of stores, though, I could say they had less stores today. Maybe it's because the Holy Week just got started, but I do hope the next time we visit there will be more stores to choose from.

Sis wasn't able to eat breakfast because she was taking this Brazilian Slimming Coffee that specifically stated she must finish the coffee and eat breakfast after 30 minutes. Well, it took her more than 30 minutes because we still had to travel, so when we got to the market, she was already complaining about being hungry. I only had about three spoonfuls of rice and eggplant omelet, so I was a bit hungry too. We decided to eat first and we had:

Pancit Malabon

Pancit Malabon (p50). I wanted to save as much money as I could, so I didn't go for the rice meals or the pasta dishes. I already had something for breakfast earlier, and I wasn't really that hungry, so I went for the Pancit Malabon, which was cheap for its prize. It tasted good, though it lacked vegetables, and the squid slices were a bit salty. However, I could say this was one of the better Pancit Malabon I have eaten from there, because other kinds sold by other stalls lacked in sauce and other toppings.

Creamy Lengua

Creamy Lengua (p75 - container / p90 - meal). My sister took her time in choosing what she will eat, and she was happy to see this stall selling a lengua dish, something that she really likes eating. This was a different take to the usual lengua dish we taste (estofado), and tasting a bit of it, I found it quite good. The addition of malunggay leaves gave more flavor, but if I were to make a negative comment, I would say that I disliked it that they didn't scrape off the taste buds of the lengua. Using plastic utensils, it was quite difficult to cut it in bite size pieces because there was still a film covering a part of the slices. The slices were a little bit thick, too, which was a positive and a negative thing, if I may say so. Still, at 75 pesos, it was a good dish in itself.

We weren't able to eat more foods after that because we went to buy salmon heads (which was very cheap and very fresh at p160/kilo - it's p235/kilo at the supermarket), yellow watermelon (p35 each / 3 pieces for p100), pots of basil and mint, and some dried fish. The herb pots and the watermelon were quite heavy enough, so after buying it we decided it was best to go home.

The salmon heads we planned to cook for lunch (we got home at 12 noon), but mom telling us she already ate lunch made us decide to cook it for dinner today instead.

So... what did you have last weekend? Please leave your links below if you're joining this week, thanks!

This week's participants:

*** Jenn ***

ps - it's already Holy Week for us Catholics... may we all have a very meaningful Holy Week.

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