Saturday, April 23, 2011

Foodie 365 | Week 16

Unlike last week, foods this week were a bit basic... I guess it's because it's the Holy Week, but I could also say I had a feast, thanks to the invitation I received from Felicity Patisserie. Anyway, here are the foods for Week 16:

106. Papaya

Foodie 365 > 106/365 - Papaya
16 April 2011

We have a neighbor who sells fruits from their farm in Laguna. Most of their harvest were distributed in different markets, but the family also sells some fruits in their terrace. Whenever they have new harvest, they would phone us to check it out. Mom bought two papaya from them, and it was really delicious! I prefer my papaya really sweet, and this one didn't fail me.

107. Pancit Malabon

Foodie 365 > 107/365 - Pancit Malabon
17 April 2011

Something I had while sis and I were at the Sidcor Weekend Market.

108. Yellow Watermelon

Foodie 365 > 108/365 - Yellow Watermelon
18 April 2011

One of the food items I bought at the weekend market was this yellow watermelon (very cheap at p35 pesos per fruit). It wasn't too sweet, but sweet enough to make a refreshing dessert.

109. Chocolate Nirvana

Foodie 365 > 109/365 - Chocolate Nirvana
Felicity Patisserie - Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City
19 April 2011

I just posted the complete story behind this food trip... so many dishes and desserts eaten that night, but I decided to post this, as this was my favorite dessert among the cakes served to us.

110. Chicken Tinola

Foodie 365 > 110/365 - Chicken Tinola
20 April 2011

It was Holy Wednesday, basically the last day for the family to eat meat dishes. Brother chose to cook Chicken Tinola and experimented on using malunggay leaves instead of chili leaves, and it turned out good. Actually is was really good that the family decided to use malunggay leaves for tinola from here on out.

111. Banana Loaf

Foodie 365 > 111/365 - Banana Loaf
Max's Corner Bakery - SM City Fairview
21 April 2011

When mom last dropped by Max's Restaurant to buy a loaf of bread, it was all sold out, so she just bought a loaf of Raisin Bread and this one. I am not fond of eating raisins, so I just went to eat some of the banana loaf. Eating this one gave me the nostalgic feeling, as the banana bread was one of my favorites while I was in elementary.

112. Dried Fish and Misua Soup

Foodie 365 > 112/365 - Dried Fish and Misua Soup
22 April 2011

Very basic dishes for Maundy Thursday / Good Friday / Black Saturday for us here in the family, and for lunch, I just fried some dried fish (which I bought from the weekend market), and cooked a simple misua soup using the remaining carrot and cabbage. To add some meaty flavor, I sprinkled the soup with imitation bacon bits (made from soy beans). Very simple, but still, we had a great lunch.

It is still Holy week, and the family still hasn't served any meat dishes, but I guess tonight we will binge a bit as we will cook the Salmon Heads, one of the family's favorites.

*** Jenn ***

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