Saturday, April 16, 2011

Foodie 365: Week 15

Every now and then changes are made here, and when I copied all of the memes' codes in one document, I realized that three memes up during Friday (Friday Potluck, Fat Camp Friday, and Foodie Friday) all go for recipes. Before, I do Friday Potluck every Saturdays, so this week, I'm going to switch things up and I am now going to do a late Food Friday post every Saturdays, featuring my Foodie 365 pictures.

Here are the foods that made up my Week 15:

99. Goldilocks Macaroons

Foodie 365 > 99/365. Goldilocks Macaroons
09 April 2011

One of our neighbors sent mom a gift, and inside the big plastic bag were ripe mangoes and a pack of Goldilocks Macaroons. I used to love these creamy, sweet treats, but even if I still like it 'til now, I felt that they used way too much dessicated coconut that it makes the throat a little itchy at times.

100. Cadbury Fruit and Nut

Foodie 365 > 100/365. Cadbury Fruit and Nut
10 April 2011

Another something given to mom, this time from a friend, who's daughter (or son, I forgot) just came home from overseas. I am not a big chocolate candy lover, so I just took a picture of it and let them eat it.

101. Chili Garlic Crabs

Foodie 365 > 101/365. Chili Garlic Crabs
11 April 2011

Mom phoned in asking us not to go to the market anymore because Aunt Mary just visited her in the office and sold her some seafoods. Well, at times Aunt Mary would give us free seafood from their hometown in Pangasinan, but this time, since her daughter needs to enroll for the board exams review (for nurses), she really needed all the money she can get, so she decided to sell of the seafood. Well, at p130 per kilo of these crabs, I think it's still way too cheap compared to those being sold in supermarkets. Sister's godmother (who is also mom's office mate and one of her best friends) also wanted to buy some crabs, so mom let Tita Cel take the two kilos of crabs, and mom just went for one kilo. Four of the crabs we steamed (for mom), and these three sister cooked, using a recipe she learned somewhere. It tasted so good that the next time Aunt Mary delivers another set of crabs, we might cook this dish again.

102. Crispy Dinuguan

Foodie 365 > 102/365. Crispy Dinuguan
Jay-J's (SM City Fairview)
12 April 2011

A day after cousin Jayson took his ECE Licensure Exam, the family wanted to claim victory and went out to celebrate it even if the results weren't posted yet. After doing grocery shopping, we went to eat dinner at Jay-J's, and aside from taking their set menu, we also asked for a serving of their Crispy Dinuguan, something that sister requested. It was interesting, but I still love the typical saucy dinuguan.

103. Chicken Donburi

Foodie 365 > 103/365. Chicken Oyakudon Donburi
Tokyo Tokyo (SM City Fairview)
13 April 2011

Sister came with me to SM Fairview to pay my Internet bill. She didn't eat breakfast, so when we arrived and saw that they already re-opened Tokyo Tokyo after some renovations, we decided to eat first, after all, it was nearing lunch time, too. Sister went for her favorite Chicken Karaage, while I went for their new dish, the Chicken Donburi. It gave me a new taste, but I guess their Beef Misono will always be my favorite.

104. Tortillos with Mayo Dip

Foodie 365 > 104/365. Corn Chips with Mayo Dip
14 April 2011

This is one of my guilty pleasures - dipping the corn chips in mayonnaise before eating it. I know this is so unhealthy, but I just can't help it. Most times I refrigerate the bag of chips first before eating it (I always think cold chips tasted good), but this time I just went and eat it at room temperature. This is Granny Goose Tortillos, by the way... the flavor? Sour Cream and Cheese (the green one). I like it, though not as much as I liked the classic Barbecue flavor (the red one).

105. Haianese Chicken

Foodie 365 > 105/365. Haianese Chicken
Kenny Rogers Roasters (SM City Fairview)
15 April 2011

Last night, the results for the ECE Licensure Exam came out, and thankfully my cousin passed it. The whole family was so happy to know he is now officially an engineer. Aunt Bing (his mom, who works in Canada) called him and asked him to treat us out for dinner, so we went to eat at Kenny Rogers, my choice. During family food trips, I am always the last one to order up, and knowing nobody went for their new dish, I went ahead and ordered their Haianese Chicken. I liked it a lot!

Three food trips for this week, wow! Thank you, food universe!

*** Jenn ***

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