Sunday, April 10, 2011

Foodie 365 - Week 14

I had no Internet connection yesterday so I wasn't able to post my Foodie 365 pictures. For today, I was supposed to share some pictures from Centris Weekend Market, but since I forgot to post this, might as well share these pictures for Yummy Sunday, too.

Here are the foods for Week 14.

92. Fruit Froz Gelato

Foodie 365 > 92/365 - Fruit Froz Gelato
SM City Fairview, Quezon City
02 April 2011

After the baptism party sister and I attended, we went straight to SM Fairview to walk around, do some window shopping, and eat gelato! Well, we always wanted to try the Fruit Froz gelato, but whenever we go to SM, it's either we were about to eat a meal, or we just had a meal. Since all the walk made us a bit tired, we decided to reward ourselves with a serving of gelato. Sister chose Straciatella and I opted to go for Strawberry Cheesecake. Well, the image I took of the gelato display looked much better than the ones in cups, so I am sharing this instead. :P

93. Pork Sinigang

Foodie 365 > 93/365 - Pork Sinigang

03 April 2011

Sister wanted to eat Pork Sinigang, but brother didn't want us to use pork ribs and/or pork belly, so we used the regular cut of pork. This one didn't look that appetizing; I forgot to take a picture before I served it... and the kangkong leaves just kept on sinking.

94. Strawberries

Foodie 365 > 94/365 - Strawberries
04 April 2011

I already posted the story behind the strawberries last Tuesday, and because I shared the picture here and on my other blog, I am posting a different image from the set.

95. Pancit Bihon

Foodie 365 > 95/365 - Pancit Bihon
05 April 2011

Today, our next door neighbors are celebrating Tita Cora's birth anniversary, but even if she passed away some three years ago, the family still celebrates her birthday, and they gave us a plate of Pancit Bihon. They used ground beef for this dish, and it was interestingly good!

96. Calamares

Foodie 365 > 96/365 - Calamares
06 April 2011

Brother saw some squids at the market, and decided to fry it. Mom just took home a bottle of spiced vinegar, and it was a match made in Foodie Heaven! Delish!

97. Longganisa Carbonara

Foodie 365 > 97 / 365 - Longganisa Carbonara
07 April 2011

Writing about longganisa last Wednesday made me realize we had some in our fridge, and since I was alone for lunch, I just used it as my meat for my carbonara. Was it good? Yeah, totally!

98. Chocolate Coated Cookies

Foodie 365 > 98 / 365 - Chocolate Covered Cookies
08 April 2011

Mom received presents from a balikbayan friend, and among the pressies were these chocolate covered cookies. Mom already threw out the wrapper (I just saw some pieces in the fridge), so I didn't know which company made this. It was a little too sweet, so I only ate a piece and gave the rest to my brother, who loved it very much.

*** Jenn ***

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