Monday, April 18, 2011

Jamie Oliver's "30 Minute Meals" on TLC

I am sure you will all agree with me that it's really becoming difficult to live nowadays, and because prices of goods going more and more expensive, families are now considering all ways of helping with the budget. Gone are the days of mom being at home while dad takes care of work, and because most families now have both parents working, the kitchen is sacrificed a bit. As people are becoming too busy living their lives, people resort to most things instant - canned goods, instant noodles, and yes, that would also include regular use of the microwave.

I am a big fan of cooking shows, and as much as I admire celebrity chefs cook good food in the traditional way, I also admire the chefs who are making good use of technology and prepare great dishes without having to consume that much amount of time. Last weekend, I got to read this, and thought about sharing it here on my blog:

- Catch the energetic, instructional cooking series first on TLC this April -

In a bid to tackle the issues of kitchen confidence and the common excuse of the lack of time among today’s working population, the rock star of the food world Jamie Oliver, returns this April on TLC with a brand new series, JAMIE’S 30 MINUTE MEALS. Inspired by the family-oriented feasts he has enjoyed on his travels, watch Jamie as he whips up substantial nutritious mains, delicious sides and salads, gorgeous puddings and refreshing drinks from scratch – all in under half an hour! JAMIE’S 30 MINUTE MEALS premieres every Thursday at 1900 hrs (7:00 pm SIN/HK), beginning April 21 and encores Saturdays at 1700 hrs (5:00 pm) and the following Thursdays at 1300 hrs (1:00 pm).

Jamie Oliver has been educating people to enjoy being in the kitchen and embrace cooking since his days as the Naked Chef. Now in JAMIE’S 30 MINUTE MEALS, the cooking super star turns the term ‘fast food’ on its head and introduces a revolutionary way of cooking in just 30 minutes. From talking about organisation skills in the kitchen to dishing out tips, tricks and shortcuts to cooking, Jamie provides the essentials so that you too can put insanely delicious plates of food on the table in no time, without compromising on quality!

As Jamie himself puts it, it is all about making people brilliant on a daily basis. Each week, he whips up a completely different two to three course menu. Played out in real time against a countdown clock, the recipes are demonstrated in a simple step-by-step manner.

Too busy? Too expensive? Don't know how? It’s time to stop making excuses! From summery vegetable pastas to spicy Thai curries to comforting warm pastries and pies, find out how the process of cooking a meal can be cheerful instead of a chore when it is done the Jamie way. Whether you're a beginner looking for step-by-step instructions, or an experienced cook looking to breathe new life into your repertoire, JAMIE’S 30 MINUTE MEALS has the answers. (Source)
We don't have Cable TV at home, but if we do, I will surely watch this, as Jamie Oliver is one of those celebrity chefs that I admire. Anyway, if you have TLC, and you want to perk up your cooking, making good use of your kitchen gadgets (read: microwave, blender, oven, etc...), do check it out, okay?

Some of the dishes to be cooked in the show include:
Killer Jerk Chicken | Jool’s Pasta | Sea Bass and Crispy Pancetta | Sardines | Steak Sarnie | Duck Salad | Spinach & Feta | Oozy Mushroom Risotto | Asian Style Salmon | Roast Beef | Chicken Pie | Wonky Summer Pasta | Stuffed Focaccia | Tasty Crusted Cod | Thai Red Prawn Curry | Summer Veg Lasagna | Smoky Haddock Corn Chowder | Rib Eye Stir Fry | Kinda Sausage Cassoulet | Piri Piri Chicken | British Picnic | Fish Tray Bake | Cauliflower Macaroni | Moroccan Lamb | Rogan Josh Curry | Crispy Salmon | Spaghetti | Thai Green Curry | Tapas Feast | Spring Lamb | Sticky Pan-Fried Scallops | Mustard Chicken | Trapani-Style Rigatoni | Chicken Skewers | Cheat’s Pizza | Super-fast Beef Hash | Smoked Salmon | Broccoli Orecchiette | Stuffed Cypriot Chicken | Steak Indian-Style

Now, I say "some," because each episode tackles multiple dishes... and if you're asking how is he going to do salad, main course, and desserts in under 30 minutes, well, you really have to watch it starting April 21 on TLC.

*** Jenn ***

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