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Ted's Oldtimer La Paz Batchoy
Level 202, Lower Ground Floor SM City Fairview
Quirino Highway cor. Regalado Avenue, Quezon City
28 August 2010

Ted's Batchoy - SM Fairview

Brother was in Cagayan de Oro that time and sister was at work, so it was just mom and I that weekend. We pretty much decided to eat anywhere since it would be a bit awkward eating at a new food place without brother and sister, but when we passed by Ted's, mom told we haven't eaten there yet. Thinking bro and sis wouldn't mind us eating there without them, we decided to enter and eat some snacks.

Ted's Batchoy - SM Fairview

Ted's Batchoy - SM Fairview

The place was small, but they really made use of the space given to them. Quite a lot of tables, but it wasn't really crowded. Actually, I like the whole vibe of the place - it was like eating at a karinderya where people can eat and chit chat like they're at home. Don't get me wrong, I also love a solemn food place, but I guess knowing that this is a batchoy place, and Ted's traces its roots at a small food shop in La Paz Market, I already had a feeling that this isn't a very solemn high end place.

Ted's Batchoy - SM Fairview

Ted's Batchoy - SM Fairview

My mom and I found a table near the counter. As you can see, prices were very right on the budget, but what I liked about the place was like it felt as if we were eating a branch in Iloilo (though I still haven't been there the time of this food trip), because the staff were (most, if not all) Ilonggo and they communicate using their dialect. Pretty amazing! :)

Our foods:

Namit Meals - Boneless Bangus

Boneless Bangus Namit Meal (p120). Mom opted to go for their rice meals because she feels it's having the best of both worlds - eating rice and viand plus a small bowl of batchoy. Mom liked the bangus - she said the flavors were good, and the batchoy provided a good balance to they "dry" meal.

Extra Super

Extra Super (p85). I went for the bowl of batchoy because this is the main product of the store. I asked the cashier the difference of each, and she told me this had all the the toppings. I immediately chose it for photography purposes. She did tell me it will have slices of pork liver, but I still went with it because I knew it would make the bowl of batchoy look good. Just so you know, apart from the noodles and the broth, this had pork, liver, and intestine slices, as well as crushed chicharon, toasted garlic, and spring onions.

Taste wise, it wad definitely better than the regular mami I have eaten. The broth was comforting, the noodles were perfectly cooked and the pork were so tender. Well, I don't eat liver, so I just took it out and placed it in mom's bowl. She was actually laughing because her batchoy got upgraded instantly. :)

I also ordered a pack (4 pieces) of puto (p15), which was a great pair for the batchoy.

We initially ate there to have afternoon snacks, but the foods we had was quite filling, we decided not to eat dinner anymore. We had a great time eating there, which made me more excited for an upcoming trip to Iloilo.

*** Jenn ***

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