Thursday, September 1, 2011

Foodie 365 | Week 34

I am supposed to continue with the line up of food trips, but because I didn't bring my netbook when I went out of town for six days, I wasn't able to update my Foodie 365. For this post, let me update this list first; I will just continue blogging about the food trips next week.

Here are the foods for Week 34.

Chicken Inasal - Paa

232. Chicken Inasal - Paa
Chicken Deli (SM City North Edsa)

While waiting for the Blogger Fiesta Manila to start, brother and I decided to eat lunch first at Chicken Deli, a "new" Chicken Inasal place (new to our ears, that is).

Salmon Head Paksiw

233. Salmon Head Paksiw

Every grocery day, we always buy a kilo of salmon heads (that's two big heads). Back then, we always cook it a la sinigang, but since sister suggested I try paksiw, it has been my favorite way of cooking the salmon heads.

Finger lickin' good!

234. Sinanglay

234. Sinanglay

I wanted to introduce veggies more into my diet, and thanks to the recipes given by Knorr, I was able to cook this. If you want to cook this, just click here: Sinanglay Recipe.

235. Guava Jam and Bread

235. Monay with Guava Jam

I have always loved Pan de Manila's mango jam (funny, am not a big fan of mangoes, but I do love their jam), but when mom saw their guava jam, she asked us if we wanted to taste it, too. I told mom that we should get the smallest container because we still didn't know if we would like it or not, but mom insisted we get the bigger one, so if we liked it, we could enjoy it for a longer time. Well, mom always have great instincts, because this one's really good, too.

236. Adobo de Campesino

236. Adobo de Campesino

I love adobo, but I wanted to put veggies in my foods, so I searched this blog of mine for this adobo dish. This uses anatto oil, and should you want to cook this, click here: Adobo de Campesino Recipe.

237. Vendo Coffee

237. Vendo Coffee

Today was when I flew to Cebu. I took the 12:45pm flight, and because mom and her friends' flight was scheduled 6:20pm and was delayed, I ended up staying at the arrival area of the Cebu-Mactan International Airport because I had no other place to go to. I was so hungry and all, but I was thankful there was this Coffee vendo, which offered coffee for 10 pesos.

238. Salad and Tempura

238. Tempura and Salad

This being the only full day we had in Cebu, we tried to maximize it by checking as much places as possible. For dinner, we went to this hotel (sorry, I forgot the name) which offers buffet for 188 per person. This was my "Round 1" food, I figured I'd eat salad first, but I saw them refill the tempura tray, so I took 4 pieces. After finishing this, I went back to the table and took samples of the other recipes, just so I could taste it.


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