Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ice Scramble

There weren't that much food items that start with "I," so as always, mine is "ice," but is different from all the other ice-type of food that I shared before.

Ice Scramble

Ice Scramble is one of my favorite snacks from childhood. My late father would always tell brother and I not to buy this from the vendors roaming around the neighborhood and/or staying outside the school gate because it might give us more harm than good. Well, because this food is prepared by hand by the vendors themselves, and it being a street food, parents were just trying to protect their kids.

My late paternal grandfather was the exact opposite of my dad when it comes to this street food. While dad would do everything to make sure we won't eat this, whenever we would spend summer vacation in our paternal hometown, grandpa would always take brother and I to the public market and buy us a cup of ice scramble.

As I grew older, this street food seemed to lost its luster, but just last year, it made a big comeback, thanks to the small food carts located inside the mall. Since these stores are located in a mall, it looked more hygienic than it's street counterparts, so it was a big hit to the consumers.

I had this cup of ice scramble last July. For 10 pesos per cup, each spoonful brought back childhood memories I'd forever cherish.

132/365 c2 - Ice Scramble

Want to make one at home? Just mix crushed ice with evaporated milk, sugar, banana flavoring, and some drops of red food coloring to make your ice base a little pinkish. Scoop out the ice mix in cups and top it with skimmed milk powder, chocolate and strawberry syrup (like Brown Cow), and rice crispies (if you like). Some add marshmallows and candy coated chocolate buttons (like M&Ms), to make it more appetizing.

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