Thursday, September 15, 2011

Take Two for the Day

Midway Grill
Brgy. Lingsat - San Fernando, La Union
29 October 2010

Many Thursdays ago, I blogged about our lunch at Midway Grill in San Fernando, La Union... now let me continue the food trips from that time.

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That day being the first day of the Surfing Break (an annual surfing festival), I already planned for us to eat lunch at Midway Grill, and just eat dinner at any of the resort's restaurant along Urbiztondo Beach. We were eyeing the restaurant of Sebay Resort, but sadly, none of the foods they offer caught our interest. We wanted to check the newly opened resort, but we couldn't find a path to get there (we then thought maybe the resort was only for guests checked in there, but we weren't sure, of course). Ria just suggested we go back to Midway Grill, after all, the foods we ate for lunch tasted so good, she couldn't see a reason why we shouldn't go back.

Beef with Broccoli

Beef with Broccoli. Ria's choice. I liked that the beef and the broccoli were cooked separately, and this had everything I liked for a Beef with Broccoli dish: the florets were crunchy and the beef had the right amount of seasoning.


Dinuguan. My choice. I have always loved eating dinuguan everytime I am in La Union because pork vendors would already season the blood with cane vinegar and salt before giving it to the consumers (yes, you can ask the vendor to give you some pork blood if you want, but be sure to be at the market earlier because it runs out fast). Anyway, choosing this was a great decision, because it was cooked using lean meat (very few slices with fat), and the sauce was so creamy, every bite was surely a pleasure. :)

Whenever Ria and I would eat out, we always talk about what we would order - it has to be something both of us can eat so we can share our foods. I guess we found a balance here - Ria going with a veggie dish, me going for a pure meat dish.

Cookies and Cream Milkshake

Cookies and Cream Milkshake. I can allot 200 pesos per food trip, and because my dinuguan was around 140 pesos, I was able to order a "special" drink. The waitress suggested I try this, but I was a bit disappointed as it was very icy with very little milk / cookies flavor.

The disappointment with the drink was something I could pass because the food was more important to me. I guess if I were to come back here, I'd just stick with the bottomless iced tea or maybe just go with water.

This was our last day in La Union... we're traveling to Vigan City the next day, and our food trip there will be shared next week.


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