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Foodie 365 | Week 35

I have tons of back logs, so I will post this today so tomorrow, I can carry on with my food trip stories. :)

Foods for Week 35...

239. Torta

239. Torta

As a person born in Metro Manila, my initial thought of "torta" was "omelet." When we crossed over Bohol from Cebu, we didn't stay at the resort right away, instead, we went to the house of Ms. Fe's sister to eat lunch and relax. Every year, Ms. Fe and her siblings travel to Bohol to celebrate Panglao's fiesta, but because the actual date of the fiesta would be tomorrow, there weren't much happenings yet. Anyway, after staying at her sister's house for a few hours, we all visited the houses of her other family members, and in another sister's house, we were served torta for snacks.

Well, today I found out that "torta" is a kind of bread. :)

240. Breakfast Buffet

240. Breakfast Buffet

In 2008, I was able to first set in Visayas and my dear K and I stayed at the Dumaluan Beach Resort, thanks to the taxi driver's recommendation. Back then, free breakfast was plated food - which had minuscule amounts of meat (any kind of processed meat - hotdog, tocino, etc). Now, I was so impressed that they offer buffet for breakfast... giving many choices for diners. There were two kinds of rice (steamed and garlic fried rice), an egg dish, protein, and buttered vegetables. For people who don't like eating rice for breakfast, they also had sliced loaf bread and packed butter and fruit jam / marmalade. They also serve free flowing brewed coffee and juice.

However, it seemed we came to the dining area quite late (either that or there were just way too many guests) that they ran out of coffee and that we waited a few minutes for the vegetables to be available. Still, I was happy with the breakfast, and happy with the positive changes in the resort.

241. Halabos na Hipon

241. Halabos na Hipon

Yesterday, we had our city tour, and today we had the sea tour. After seeing some dolphins swimming free in the sea, the boat driver took us to Balicasag Island to pass some time. Some went to the marine sanctuary before taking a dip in the cool, clean beach, while mom and I stayed at our table.

For lunch, we opted to buy fresh seafood at the island and asked the residents to cook it. Aside from the Halabos na Hipon, we also bought one big fish which they cooked a la sinigang (so we will have hot broth to sip), and another big fish which they grilled.

Happy tummy!

242. Ice Cream at Bohol Bee Farm

242. Ice Cream
Bohol Bee Farm - Dauis, Bohol

Ms. Claire's son and his girlfriend flew back to Manila this morning, and this being our last full day in Bohol, we thought we would just stay at the resort. Four of us went sea walking in the morning, and when we got back, they told us Ms. Fe and her sister would pick us up for an afternoon of touring certain places near Panglao.

Our first stop was the Bohol Bee Farm (wish come true for me), and in their souvenir / pastry shop, we were able to see some tubs of homemade ice cream, which they sell for p60 per 2 scoops. There were different flavors, but I chose something unique - spicy ginger and malunggay (moringa). Both flavors were so awesome! Best of all, they used ice cream cone made of cassava starch, making my ice cream one of a kind.

243. Last Breakfast in Bohol

243. Last Breakfast in Bohol

Back to scrambled eggs and buttered vegetable for us, but I am thankful they offered different meat (we had beef tapa for today). After eating breakfast, we all prepared for our flight later in the morning, and by 2pm, mom and I were already home. So many moments experienced, so many foods eaten... and I am just overwhelmed at how many things I was able to do in just six days.

244. Ginisang Upo

244. Ginisang Upo

I admit I totally neglected my diet and exercise while out of town (the only form of exercise I had was walking), and with so many pork and eggs eaten, I told myself I am going to eat vegetable everyday for at least one week once I get home. For dinner, sister cooked ginisang upo (bottle gourd), and since I felt guilty eating too much while away, I went back to portioning my food intake. Tonight, I had 1/2 cup of rice with 1 cup of upo, and I opted to buy ground pork so we won't put a lot of pork into our viand.

245. Patola at Kalabasa

245. Patola and Kalabasa

Sister was craving for ginataang sitaw at kalabasa, but we knew mom doesn't eat a lot of sitaw, so when we saw some patola at the market, we decided to buy it instead. Like what I did last night, I also ate 1/2 cup of rice and 1 cup of the veggie dish.

Of course, there will be days when the family will eat pure meat or pure fish, but I am now making a vow to eat more vegetables. Whether it's sinigang na liempo packed with lots of kangkong and sitaw, or beef bulalo packed with lots of cabbages... I'd make sure I'd add some veggies in my diet to up my fibre intake.

If you will see foods on my Foodie 365 that is not vegetable, do know that I eat 3 meals per day and that I also eat snacks from time to time, and because I only choose one picture per day, Foodie 365 isn't the totality of my diet. :)

Happy Weekends!

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